TIP: Broadway Tickets

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Opening Night

This is the ticket you want! Opening Night, the first performance always has an audience filled with celebrities and the who's who of the theater going world. For best bet, buy tickets months in advance.
Check here for updated opening night schedule.

1) Straight from the theater box office:
Each show has it's own box office and you can avoid ticketmaster and telecharge fees if you purchase directly.

2) Buy tickets online:
These are the most reliable sites for tickets.You will find promotional codes for many shows which ALSO can be used at the theater box office when purchasing. Circumstances vary from show to show, but tickets can usually be bought from a week to three months in advance for up to 50% (plus fees from the ticket agency). Don't expect the hottest shows to be discounted, but there will be plenty of big-name productions available at less-than-full price at press time.
Broadway.com additionally posts deals each morning at 10 am for shows later that same day or night. However, your best bet may be to call their customer-service number – deals not only change throughout the day, but if you’d like to see a show not listed among that day’s bargains, one of their operators can try to personally track down tickets (they accept requests up until 4:30 pm the day of the show).

Same Day Tickets
1) TKTS kiosks These 3 locations offer discounted tickets, between 30% and 50% off:
Time Square- Located under the red steps in Father Duffy Square (47th and Broadway.)
NOTE: At this location TKTS 7-Day Fast Pass allows TKTS patrons to return to the Times Square ticket booth within 7 days of their TKTS purchase and walk up to window #1 with their TKTS ticket stub, thereby avoiding the longer lines at peak hours! Recommended time to get in line otherwise is at least one hour before they open.
South Street Seaport- Located at the corner of Front and John Streets.
NOTE: At this location you can buy same-day tickets for evening performances and matinee tickets for the next day.
Brooklyn- Located in Downtown Brooklyn at 1 MetroTech Center, at Jay St and Myrtle Ave Promenade
NOTE: At this location you can buy same-day tickets for evening performances and matinee tickets for the next day.

Check here for exact hours at each location.

2) Lottery: Show up at the theater 2.5 hours before the performance curtain and sign up for the lottery. Winners of the lottery get 2 deeply discounted tickets to shows like Book Of Mormon.

3) Rush/Standing Room Only (SRO): an unspecified number of tickets is set aside on a given day at the box office when it opens (usually 9 or 10am). If a show isn't THE BIG HIT OF THE MOMENT--and especially if it's a play--this should be relatively easy. Get there as early as possible though. Rush tickets don't have prime seating and SRO tickets can be physically uncomfortable, but the bright side is, it is the cheapest way to see a show. 
This weekly rush report updates you on your likelihood of getting rush tickets.

Rush, Lottery & Standing Room Only Ticketing Policies:

Become A Member
The nonprofit Theatre Development Fund -- which also operates the TKTS booths -- has a TDF membership program that offers advance tickets for less than $35 for some Broadway shows (without the hassle of standing in a line). To join, you have to be a student, a teacher, a union member, a senior, a civil service employee, a nonprofit or performing arts organization employee or a member of the armed forces or clergy. There's an annual membership fee of $27.50, but you can usually make up the difference in a single show, given that the average Broadway ticket goes for $76.

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