TIP: How to become a Seat Filler

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If you watched the Oscars this year then you know one of the biggest questions of the evening was... How do I become a seat filler?

Seat fillers are hired by Awards Shows to make sure that whenever a camera sweeps the audience, all the seats are filled. Seat fillers not only get to attend the most coveted events like the Grammys, the Academy Awards, the Emmy's, People's Choice Awards, and more, but they could sit next to A-list celebrities and rub shoulders with them. However, there is no compensation for filling seats and a rule of being a seat filler at these events cautions you to not speak to the celebrity or ask for autographs. You also need to adhere to proper dress codes and be prepared for a lot of waiting and strict rules. Also, sending in an application does not guarantee you being chosen.

Some companies who can help you gain access to these roles include:

Seatfillers and More

Seatfillers and More is dedicated to allowing you entry in to some of Hollywoods biggest and most exclusive events. They have handled and continue to handle events such as: The Grammy Awards, Grammy Nominations Concert, The BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, The Biggest Loser Finale, Survivor Finale, Miss America Pageant, Stand Up 2 Cancer, An Evening of Stars, You Tube Specials, Spike Video Game Awards, The Latin Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and so many more.

By registering online, you will be able to sign up to attend many of these events. You will also be able to book your request online, view your pending request, change or cancel those requests, see what is coming up show wise and talk to other seatfillers on line at anytime using the Seatfiller Blog.

Gotham Casting

You can sign up, create a profile & apply to exclusive casting and events at GothamCasting.com. At various times throughout the year, Gotham arranges seatfillers for a variety of pilots, specials, awards shows and other annual or one-time-only television events. These are unpaid positions and are offered/assigned from their database of registered participants on a space available or as-need basis.

Audiences Unlimited

You're invited to join the fun in a studio audience for an exciting - and FREE - "behind the scenes" Hollywood experience. Check out their schedule here.


Occasionally, there are opportunities to bid on seat filler experiences from various charities.

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