Sober Grid Worldwide Launch Party, NYC


Affair: Sober Grid Worldwide Launch Party

When: Thursday, July 9, 2015 @ 6-8PM

Hot Spot: 41 Great Jones Street, NYC

Deets: The global launch for Sober Grid takes place this Thursday, July 9th in New York. Governor Weld is on the Board of Business Advisors and available for interviews as well as the founders of the Beau Mann, Nick Krasucki, and Tavis Morello - all prominent professionals in the LGBT community who were inspired by the apps that connected this community together.

Sober Grid is a social networking app that connects people in the recovery and sober living communitys based on where they are located. The app stands in the middle of the digital and recovery intersection – the missing link in the sober community and is literally saving lives. To date, Sober Grid has had more than 16,000 downloads acroos the country and abroad since it launched in a public beta test last July. Sober Grid is currently backed by $500,000 from angel investors and could have up to 1 million users by the end of the year. The app is free to download.

Seeing a gap in the sober lifestyle, Beau Mann created Sober Grid, a social networking app connecting people in the recovery and sober living communities through geosocial networking on The Grid. As technology and social media continues to infiltrate our day-to-day lives it’s no surprise that the notion of a support system is moving digital. Sober Grid stands in the middle of the digital and recovery intersection - the missing link for the sober community.

Beau Mann saw a need for a constant stream of support in the sober community. Much like a social media feed, Sober Grid allows people to connect, chat with each other and meet-up in person if desired, all you need is a smartphone. After seeing the successes of dating apps, especially in the LGBTQ community, Mann wanted to combine digital and the recovery process in a way that was never done before. With Sober Grid it is possible to connect with other sober people with a simple touch of a button.

There are several profile features that allow others on the app to see how you are doing, and what your needs are. The ‘Burning Desire’ feature puts a red box around your profile, indicating the need, or “burning desire” for a drink or to use drugs. A blue box on your profile indicates the need for a ride to a meeting; with a GPS feature this allows users to carpool together to meetings. Sober Grid also offers a sobriety calculator, and Sober News Feed. You can meet people in different cities while traveling, in an airport, chat with friends, or remain anonymous, depending on your needs. Users can enter the name of another uer and locate them by geographic location as well.

Mann feels strongly about the fact that Sober Grid is not a recovery program, rather an accessory or tool to a program. Not all users are focused on a 12-step program, though the majority are, it ranges from people in recovery, to people who just want to be in a sober atmosphere with like-minded people.

Who You May Spot: Former Miss USA Tara Connor, Patrick McMullen, Joe Putignano (Author and Model), Juris Kupris (Co-Founder of The Fit Company), Kyle Krieger, Personality, William Weld (Former Governor of Massachusetts), Chef Lynn Mcneely

Hint For The Average Socialite: This event is strictly invite only.

You can log on to the app here: .

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