Taye Diggs Book Signing, LA

Affair: Taye Diggs’s Chocolate Me! Book Signing

When: Thursday, October 1, 2015 @2PM  

Hot Spot: Barnes & Noble, Huntington Beach, LA

Deets: Come join Chocolate Me! author Taye Diggs and illustrator Shane Evans on Saturday October 1st at 2pm at Barnes and Noble, Huntington Beach, for a Chocolate Me! story time and book signing. Bring your family, bring your children, and lets all share in the Chocolate Me! experience. Don't forget to upload your photos from the day to their facebook page!

In this new picture book by TV’s Taye Diggs, there’s a message for kids who feel different from their peers. In Chocolate Me!, a young boy is teased for looking different, but the author uses his story to encourage children to appreciate their differences and celebrate them. Shane W. Evans the illustrator of many other children's book titles will join as well. These long time friends are excited about their first children's book together.

Who You May Spot: Taye Diggs, Shane W. Evans

Hint  For The Average Socialite: Follow the ChocolateMe! Facebook page or click here for more info! Attendance is Free.

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