Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco

Affair: Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area

When: Friday, October 2- Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hot Spot: Multiple Locations throughout Bay Area, San Francisco, CA

Deets: Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area is a region wide event celebrating Asian art with a week of public programs happening October 2-10, 2015. Several notable local institutions--BAM/PFA, Asia Society, ArtSpan--have come on board and this will be a major cultural event for the Bay Area. The event focuses on presenting premier quality and elaborately crafted programs including exhibitions, auctions, symposiums, lectures, seminars, curator and artist talks, and performances. Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area is committed to the mission of establishing a broad platform to showcase and promote Asian art, further fostering appreciation for cultural diversity.

Some partners of Asia Week San Francisco Bay area include: A​rtSpan,​San Francisco, A​sia Society,​San Francisco; U​niversity of California Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA),​Berkeley; B​onhams,​San Francisco; F​ine Arts Gallery at San Francisco State University, San Francisco; International Art Gallery, San Francisco; ​International Art Museum of America,​San Francisco; J​apan Society of Northern California,​San Francisco; Michaan’s Auctions,​Alameda; M​ongolia Foundation,​Berkeley; N​anHai Art,​Millbrae; Peninsula Art Institute,​Burlingame; P​eninsula Museum of Art,​Burlingame; ​SFO Museum,​ San Francisco, and Warren’s Antiques, ​San Francisco.

Click here for a full schedule of the gallery openings.

Who You May Spot: Dealers, artists, scholars, collectors and enthusiasts of Asian art

Hint For The Average Socialite: Admission is free!

What's Trending: #AsiaWeek #AsiaWeekSF