A BAFTA Tribute: Ruth Caleb, London

Affair: A BAFTA Tribute: Ruth Caleb

When: Monday, November 2, 2015 @ 6:30PM 

Hot Spot: Princess Anne Theatre, London

Deets: "Ruth Caleb OBE has been making outstanding television drama for over 50 years; original, uncompromising and issue-based. Ruth has won a BAFTA Television Award three times, been nominated for a further seven, and she has also been nominated for Best British Film. We are delighted to honour Ruth Caleb at this special BAFTA Tribute, where she will discuss her dynamic career and the magic formula behind her achievements.

With a genius for identifying great stories, Ruth’s dramas range from those that can move us (Sweet As You Are) to those that can make us rock with laughter (Pat and Margaret). Her most acclaimed works (Care, Last Resort) capture perfectly the stories that fascinate her: marginalised lives, the vulnerable and those that have fallen ‘Between the Cracks’ (1988 drama with newcomer Lennie James).

Ruth has brought a wealth of new talent to our screens, including writer Lucy Gannon (Testimony of a Child, Trip Trap), director Saul Dibb (Bullet Boy) and actor David Oyelowo (Tomorrow La Scala!). As Head of Drama at BBC Wales (1992-96) she was behind some of the region’s biggest networked successes (Old Devils, Civvies, Selected Exits, Streetlife) and has an almost midas touch when it comes to putting together talented teams of award-winning filmmakers.

Ruth’s passion and commitment to the genre is unequalled and she has produced or executive produced over 50 dramas for television and film. A true innovator and not averse to taking risks, Ruth has continued to challenge and breathe new life into the form. She has produced award-winning improvised drama (Nice Girl, When I Was 12, Out of Control), factual drama (A Short Stay in Switzerland, Walters War) and in collaboration with BBC Films worked with documentary makers Dominic Savage, Pawel Pawlikowski and Francesca Joseph to create a string of critically acclaimed, cutting edge drama.

Ruth joined BBC Drama in 1965 as an assistant floor manager, becoming a production manager then Line Producer (Colditz 1972-73), she was first appointed as a producer in 1979 on the acclaimed television series Bread or Blood. In1989 Ruth rose to Executive Producer, Head of Drama BBC Wales, Acting Head of BBC Drama Group and Acting Head of Drama Series before returning to her preferred creative role of producer/exec producer.

Her successes continue with BAFTA Television award nominations for A Short Stay in Switzerland and A Poet in New York in 2015. Ruth is currently Consultant Executive Producer with Leopard Drama whilst working with Modern Television and in 2004 Ruth was awarded an OBE for Services to Drama, she holds an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from Oxford Brookes University and in 2012 was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Women in Film and Television Awards.

BAFTA produces one or two tributes a year to major figures from the Television and Film industries who have contributed greatly to the art form – to an individual who is truly excellent in their field. In recent years, BAFTA has paid tribute to journalist Peter Taylor, filmmaker Roger Graef, cook and broadcaster Delia Smith, film critic Phillip French, costume designer Phyllis Dalton and cinematographer Christopher Challis.

This tribute will be recorded for BAFTA GURU as part of our commitment to educating and inspiring new generations of practitioners and celebrating the best in our creative industry."

Who You May Spot: Ruth Caleb

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