London Halloween Events & Parties
Oct 1- Nov 1: The London Dungeon- Séance
Oct 10- Nov 1: The London Month of the Dead
Oct 17: Ragged School Museum Ghost Hunt
Oct 24- 31: Phobophobia- The Freaks
Oct 28- Nov 7: Nightwatchers
Oct 28: Horse-Drawn Halloween Rides
Oct 30: Chills in the Chapel
Oct 30: Halloween in the Sky
Oct 31: All Hallows' Eve All Nighter
Nov 7: Wahaca's Day of the Dead Festival

Oct 1- Nov 1 | The London Dungeon | Ticketed | @Dungeon_London
New for 2015, Séance! is set in 1873 at a gathering hosted by the most celebrated medium of the day in the most notoriously haunted house of the time. Based on REAL events, guests will find themselves transported back to 50 Berkley Square as Florence Cook prepares for her latest sitting. Dare they enter the séance chamber and witness Cook’s communion with her ghostly spirit guide? Or will the supernatural disturbances in the ante-room send them fleeing into the night? Those daring enough should prepare for the main event as guests see, hear and feel the spirit world summoned before them... with a climactic visitation that will rattle the strongest of nerves.

Oct 10- Nov 1 | Brompton Cemetery | Ticketed
Throughout October 2015 and concluding on All Souls Day, the cemetery will be hosting The London Month of the Dead, investigating the capital’s relationship with its deceased residents. Events will include a tour of Hyde Park’s pet cemetery, a private view of the Museum of London’s bone archive, taxidermy workshops and a series of weekend death salons with talks on subjects ranging from public dissection and body snatching to reincarnation and funereal folklore. Each salon will feature a pair of speakers, authorities in fields such as osteology, forensic pathology and the paranormal, who will offer their own perspectives and insights on mortality in the city.

Oct 24-31 | 6-10PM | 2-4 Tooley Street London | Ticketed
Phobophobia is the annual adult only Halloween spectacular at The London Bridge Experience & Tombs taking place over the course of a week. The sets of the attraction are transformed into completely new and different themes based on facing your utmost fears. This Halloween.. when the lights go out nobody is going to be able to save you. The Freaks are a close knit family with close knit mentality, brothers are mothers are sisters are evil and they want you. Dare you enter? Will you make it out alive?

Oct 28- Nov 7 | The Tower of London | Ticketed
NIGHTWATCHERS is an immersive nighttime experience at the Tower of London, directed by award-winning digital theatre company ANAGRAM. Step into a shadowy world of state surveillance, where messages and phone calls lead you around one of our most notorious prisons; this is your induction into the art of covert investigation. The story dips between contemporary London and the most dramatic years of the Elizabethan secret service. Faith, violence and the invisible lines between truth and justice collide, and you must find your way guided by the stories of code-breakers, law enforcers and radical religious extremists.

Saturday, October 17

9PM-4AM | Ragged School Museum | Ticketed
Reported hauntings and paranormal activity at the Ragged School Museum; There is far too much paranormal activity to list here but just as a taster.... Children's laughter has been caught when a guest was using a sound amplifier and a deep male voice has been recorded via an EVP session, which when played back sounded like the words 'get out'!!! EMF meters have also been activated for no reason. The creepy thing was that there were five people all standing in a line when this happened, which suggested that a child had just run past us. Tables have also been seen tipping onto two legs during our table tipping sessions. Don't miss out on this very active location....we know school was a chore but you won't find this event abore!

Wednesday, October 28

6-9PM | Roehampton Gate, Richmond Park | Ticketed | @RPFoundation
Imagine the sombre steps of a horse-drawn dray approaching as you stand at the locked Roehampton Gate. As the gates swing open, you come on board for a ride as no other. Tis Halloween, and Richmond Park in the dark is both exhilarating … and just a little bit scary! At night in Richmond Park, all kinds of creatures emerge. Hear about the Shrew Ash, where to this day witches are murmured to congregate. Discover the amazing history of the park, including tales of highwaymen and ghosts. Hear of the gruesome Victorian murder just outside the park walls, solved as recently as 2010. And marvel at the Park’s majestic stags, who at this time of the year sleep by day and fight their rivals at night.

Friday, October 30

6:30PM | Union Chapel | Ticketed | @UnionChapelUK
Chills in the Chapel 2015 features two cult and horror classics with live scores performed by their composer Alan Howarth in the gloriously Gothic Union Chapel. Chills in the Chapel, Union Chapel’s annual and hugely popular Halloween film night mixes a love of cinema and music with a great night out. Set in the Grade I listed architectural masterpiece that is Union Chapel the atmosphere is suitably spooky. Expect fancy dress, creepy cocktails and a few surprises along the way.

9PM- 4AM | Sky Garden | Ticketed
Sky Garden is taking Halloween to horrifying new heights by throwing the most hell-raising celebration in the city - 35 floors up. Don your best fancy dress costume (highly recommended) and let fear lead the way from 9pm-4am on Friday, 30th October. Live music will come courtesy of fantastic 10 piece band, The Soul Jets, famed for their freaky funk floor fillers-check them out. From midnight until 4am the legendary DJ Max will take to the decks.

Saturday, October 31

11PM | Regent Street Cinema | Ticketed | @RegentStCinema
"Join us as we celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, we’ll take a trip through the mysterious Silver Shamrock factory, encounter supernatural mannequins, ride in a deadly, classic car, journey to a tropical island, infested with zombies and battle the creatures of the night. Peppering the evening and keeping spirits high and strong against the forces of evil will be Radio 6 darlings, Those Unfortunates, knocking out some of the finest tunes from your favourite films, think Scream and Scream Again and Monsters Rule OK! Singing along is encouraged, and prizes will be awarded to the best dressed. Films playing are: Christine, Tourist Trap, Halloween III, Salem’s Lot, Zombie Flesh Eaters." 

Saturday, November 7

1PM-1AM | Tobacco Dock | Ticketed | @wahaca
"This November, we bring you a 12 hour party celebrating the dead and the living, through the indulgence and debauchery of loud music, fine food and provocative debate, surrounded by beautiful art. At the heart of our Day Of The Dead Festival there is a lofty ambition, fuelled by an awareness of a perceived defect in much of UK society. Here, we live in an age that is repulsed by Death, and don’t have enough opportunities to honour those who came before us. We are becoming more and more obsessed with the future and detached from our past."