TIP: How To Make An Entrance At Red Carpet Events

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of walking down the red carpet, and finally, you’ve got your chance. Perhaps you’re attending a special event as a member of the press, as a blogger or as a special guest? However you scored your invite, it’s natural that you want to make a stylish and memorable entrance. You may not be a celeb, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to feel like one.

Obviously, you probably won’t have the same amount of money to spend as a celebrity would, on getting your look right. Models, actresses and singers earn a lot of money; you can find out all about celebrity cashflow at Justrichest. However, money isn’t the key to looking fabulous. It’s all down to dressing in the right way, accessorizing, and arriving in style.

For all the best tips for making an incredible entrance at red carpet events, keep reading.

Look the part

Want to make an impression when walking down the red carpet, you need to ensure that you look the part. This means dressing to impress in a beautiful suit or gown - the more glitzy and glamorous, the better.

To impress, you not only need to focus on picking out the perfect outfit, you also need to perfect the look of your accessories. The key to red carpet success isn’t the dress; it’s teaming it with the right accessories.

It’s also essential that when it comes to your hair and makeup, that you get your look just right. Aim for chic and sophisticated style; elegant hair, and classy but eye-catching makeup. It might seem a little extravagant, but if hair and makeup aren’t your forte, hire a professional to ensure that your look is just right.

Arrive in style

You’ll find that you make a much bigger entrance if you arrive in the back of a limousine than you will if you drive yourself. It might be a little expensive to hire a limo, but if you want to make a star-studded entrance, it’s worth the cost. To cut costs - sadly, we’re not all as rich as celebrities - consider sharing a limo with others who are attending. You may not make such a big entrance, but even so, you’ll still arrive in style.

The idea of riding in a limo not for you? How about doing something different? Sometimes, the key to making an entrance is standing out from the crowd. Arrive in a helicopter, a horse and carriage or a speed boat - if the event is near water, of course, and standout from the crowd.


If you want to make a fantastic entrance, don’t pout down the red carpet, smile instead. You may think that it’s more stylish to keep a straight face, but a smile really does go a long way. Make your lip makeup pop - a bright lip is amazingly eye-catching and smile your way down the red carpet.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about making an entrance at red carpet events.