Cocktails and Conversations on Love, DC
Affair: D.C. Love and Relationship Expert Esther Boykin presents Cocktails and Conversations on Love

When: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 @ 7PM

Hot Spot: 2333 18th Street NW Washington, D.C.

Deets: D.C. Love and Relationship Expert Esther Boykin, presents Cocktails and Conversations on Love for D.C.’s single women. 

Cocktails and Conversations on Love is a new event series being executed by Washington D.C.’s well known Love and Relationship expert, Esther Boykin. The event is a glamourous, inspiring event for single D.C. women open to love and relationship advice. Cocktails and Conversation on Love is an event conceptualized from Esther’s Conversations off the Couch division. Conversations off the Couch is a series of services and events designed to bring a fresh approach to getting expert advice by taking therapy off the couch and into real life while being fun, social and easy to fit into your lifestyle. 

Cocktails and Conversations on Love gives D.C. women the opportunity to interact with love and relationship experts from around the country in one night. During this event there will be an expert panel and book signing with love experts in a fabulous, ultra-feminine environment with drink specials and music. Cocktails and Conversations on Love provides single D.C. women with the tools and tips to go after and find the relationship they want. Esther has teamed up with Gilt for Cocktails and Conversations on Love to execute an event that is fabulous and fun. 

Esther Boykin is a marriage and family therapist, author, and relationship advocate. At first glance, she’s a psychotherapist specializing in helping people with relationship issues. Go a little deeper, she's a multi-talented mental health expert, relationship professional, writer and entrepreneur who is passionate about making the world around her a better place, one relationship at a time. She works with people who want to build a deeper and more honest relationship with themselves— people who struggle to find or maintain the kind of meaningful intimate connections they desire with friends, family and that special someone.

Who You May Spot: Esther Boykin, guests

Hint For The Average Socialite: Tickets start at $50 and are available now! Get tickets for $30 (40% discount) via Gilt City! (Offer ends January 18, 2016)

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