Communication is Not The Problem: A Couples Lunch & Relationship Workshop, DC

When: Saturday, February 27, 2016 @ 1:30PM 

Hot Spot: The Winery At La Grange, DC

Deets: Despite our best efforts in relationships, we can sometimes feel unheard, disappointed, and frustrated with trying to make ourselves understood. 

Over a relaxed, casual lunch, discuss simple tools that you can use to better communicate and connect with your partner.

With a panel of relationship experts, learn practical, straight-forward techniques to help you and your partner strengthen your connection, reduce conflict, and yes, even improve your communication.

Learn how to:

-Prevent arguments from escalating
-Make hard decisions together
-Be thoughtful about where and when to bring up difficult conversations
-Experience the closeness and intimacy you had in the beginning of the relationship

Who You May Spot: Esther Boykin, Panel members, guests

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