TIP: Top Places in Vegas to Spot Celebrities

By TaoGroup (Flickr: Rest Main Floor), via Wikimedia Commons

Top Places in Vegas to Spot Celebrities 

Vegas has always been an all-time favorite destination for celebrities and the non-famous for all the same reasons: the luxury casinos, the upgraded restaurant options and the unparalleled nightlife scene. For the stars, Sin City is their chance to let loose, and for us common folk, it’s our opportunity to see, dine with, and party with all the celebrities we’ve dreamt of meeting for so long. As USA Today indicates, “Hollywood celebs have long used Vegas as a place to unwind – and in recent years, host parties at clubs and pools,” so don’t be surprised if you see a rapper or a Hollywood socialite throwing back a few drinks in the same club as you and your friends. 

Nothing you will find in this city is sub-par with most of the establishments meeting the celebrity stamp of approval. A once in a lifetime opportunity for many, it’s no surprise that gaming brands such as Gala Bingo and its ilk regularly offer Staycation or Vacation promos so that for just a moment of their lives, they know what it’s like to live the celebrity lifestyle. 

The stars can be spotted in most casino resorts, restaurants and superclubs at any given time, but there are certain spots that are more commonly filled with A-Listers than others. Here are a few of their favorite hangouts: 

N9NE Steakhouse at Palms 

There’s a misconception that celebrities are more likely to dine at the most expensive eateries when the truth is that they love upscale food and service but not outrageous prices. Best of Vegas says that it's the young hip vibe paired with elevated American cuisine that the diners, celebrities and non-celebrities, love about N9NE. 

TAO Nightclub at The Venetian 

As Adventurous Kate reiterates, this superclub is home to the most celebrity-hosted parties in the city with all of their famous friends in attendance. During the summer you can also catch them partying pool-style at TAO Beach.

LAX Nightclub at Luxor 

With big name investors like Christina Aguilera and a grand opening hosted by Britney Spears, LAX Nightclub definitely has enough star power to keep the party raging all night long.

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