Doheny Room Opening, LA

Affair: Doheny Room Opening

When: May 2016

Hot Spot: Doheny Room, Los Angeles, CA

Nightlife and hospitality giant, sbe Entertainment Group, has unveiled a lively, captivating menu curated by Chef Danny Elmaleh for its much anticipated new venture, Doheny Room. Elmaleh, the award-winning chef responsible for cuisine at sbe’s Cleo restaurant, will offer Angelenos multicultural menu items with an unexpected twist. Doheny Room’s shared plates will cater to a wide variety of patrons ranging from fine dining foodies to late night scenesters seeking a hip after-dinner lounge.

Elmaleh’s sundry menu was inspired by Los Angeles’ famous food truck scene and the diversity of unrelated eating options these trucks make available in a single space. He pays homage to this local phenomenon with a gourmet slider selection that includes steam bun and Korean Kobe beef burgers.

In addition to rich, entertaining dishes, Elmaleh provides plenty of healthy vegetable-based choices as well. Amongst these notable options, Doheny Room will offer vegan sushi, a dish created using five different grains and artfully presented vegetable combinations. “We built a menu to accommodate a range of social experiences,” said Chef Danny Elmaleh. “From first dates, to late business meetings, to birthdays or a night out with friends, we have food that just fits. Our shared platters make it easy to socialize while eating, but we didn’t compromise the quality of the meal. We’ve also developed dessert and craft cocktail programs that suit one another quite well.”

One cocktail highlight is “The Loma Vista.” Named for the street address of Ned Doheny Jr’s infamous Greystone Mansion, the drink infuses fresh pineapple juice and pressed ginger into a Mezcal base. The result is similar to a Moscow Mule, with a smokier, more floral hue.

Another noteworthy signature cocktail is the “Black Gold,” a nod to popular slang for “oil,” the natural resource that made the famous Doheny fortune possible. Fresh muddled cherries and Effen Black Cherry Vodka fuel the drink’s dark zest.

As for the experience, Doheny Room will present its dinner, dessert and drink options simultaneously. The menu was purposefully structured as such to communicate that there is no expectation to have a full dinner before dessert. The most distinctive dessert item is a chocolate dome served with a mixture of rum and other alcohols that slowly burn away to reveal a delicate, edible concoction inside.

Doheny Room will be open seven days a week from 7:00pm until 2:00am.

ABOUT CHEF DANNY ELMALEH.Chef Danny Elmaleh, the culinary mastermind behind many of sbe’s most renowned restaurants, is best known for his award-winning concept, Cleo. He draws from diverse cultures to create richly textured shareable plates, which encourage a warm, social dining experience.

Elmaleh’s interest in cross-cultural cuisine was first inspired by his experience growing up with a Moroccan father and Japanese mother. He trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York and began his career at Jean Moulin in Japan. He went on to work in the kitchens of Ristorante Giannino in Milan and Melisse and Lemon Moon in Los Angeles. In 2006, Elmaleh opened his own restaurant, Celadon, and was dubbed a Rising Star Chef by the following year. At Celadon, he met Katsuya Uechi and their relationship led him to his current role at sbe.

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