The Life Of Pablo Art Exhibit, NYC
Affair: The Life Of Pablo Art Exhibit

When: Thursday, May 19, 2016 @ 7-11PM

Hot Spot: Avant Garde by MMC, NYC

Deets: The Life of Pablo Art Exhibit is your guilty Kanye West addiction. It is an exhibit that combines art inspired by Kanye West with an amazing Kanye West inspired playist. This event takes place on Thursday, May 19th 2016 from 7-11pm at the Avant Garde by MMC art gallery 319 Grand Street NY, NY 10002. The Life of Pablo will be curated By Brianni T., hosted by Taqee Bond, music by DJ Q. Shepard, photography by Funny Julius, and featuring art work by @ianwestart, @ethinaaa, @dddg_art, @domdollnyc, @mykhal, @luxury.zombie, @seanmrolle, @rebirthyoursoul, @ilikearttypegirl, @mrsoriginals, @RonaldDraper_Art, @AnaBasis_Wrbls, @DariusXMoreno and more. There will be an open bar, treats and fun giveaways! 

The premise of this event is to not only have an amazing art exhibit but to raise money and awareness for a foundation called "The Kids League". The Kids League is a non-profit organization, that creates workshops to educate kids in Fashion, Music, Film, Health & Wellness, and the Arts residing in low-income neighborhoods. Their mission is to provide the children with active learning workshops during out-of-school time that leverages their natural skill sets and fosters overall development through mentorship and peer engagement. To learn more about The Kids League visit

Hint For The Average Socialite: Tickets are available now!

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