TIP: Back to School

Enjoy the summer with your kids and then get organized and ready for the new school year with some of our tips!
Christina Milian Checks Out Princess Cupcake Jones | Photo: Courtesy of Illumination PR
Princess Cupcake Jones, who is a celebrity-kid favorite, is an inspirational role model for little boys and girls to look up to. Her three books, Princess CupcakeJones and the Missing Tutu, Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go to School, and Princess Cupcake Jones and the Queen’s Closet all teach her readers incredibly important valuable life-lessons.

The Princess Cupcake Jones books are not only fantastic reading experiences, but all three books also consist of subtle positive messages within every illustrated page. The word “LOVE” is hidden within each page to remind each child what really matters most and to give them a fun, interactive experience while reading.

After seeing a lack in the market of modern African American characters in childrens books, author Ylleya Fields decided to take matters into her own hands by blending the appearances and personalities of her two eldest daughters and creating Princess Cupcake Jones.

Princess Cupcake Jones has won multiple awards, including a Gelett Burgess Award, a Mom's Choice Award, and a Family Choice Award. The books have received and overwhelming response of positivity from media outlets, and Kim Kardashian's, Christina Milian's and Chris Brown's daughters have all been sent copies of the Princess Cupcake Jones books.

FIN is the latest and greatest from the Zazu Kids "Bedtime Helper" range of children's products. This Reading Light is an adorable and safe way to encourage children to read. With two LED brightness settings, FIN can light up for your little bookworm (reading light) and provide low light (nightlight) when it's time to snooze. The auto shut-off timer (60 mins) encourages sleep and makes it safe to use each night. FIN can fit comfortably in your hand, rest near your bed or be easily transported wherever you go - it's portable and rechargeable!

Available NOW in Grey, Pink & Blue!

Coloring isn't just for kids anymore, it's for whole families to do together to unwind, unplug and create one big colorful world! With Pirasta, fun and education come together through interaction and participation. Pirasta is a new line of really big coloring posters and sheets, offering kids and adults endless hours of creativity and activity. Shut off the TV, get creative and go crazy with color!
eeBoo is a boutique toy manufacturer that specializes in useful, beautiful and well-made educational games and gifts. Their products are sold in both Specialty Toy stores and high-end Gift Shops as well as Museum stores, Bookstores, Art Supply stores and other non-big box venues. Some products coming out this summer include Sequences, Before and After, School Pretend Play Set, and What Do I Do Flash Cards. Check out the catalog here.
Giggly Goggles Stars and Stripes | Photo: Average Socialite
Taking the family on a trip to the Hamptons & other summer vacations? Don't forget to pack Giggly Goggles! These swim goggles are the most fun and comfortable goggles! 

Giggly Goggles come in endless variety of styles, sizes and colors to protect eyes and face from the UV rays of sun, effects of chlorine, salt water, sand and debris, and to help you see better while you swim.

These cool, colorful Neoprene masks are sure to put a smile on every face and allow the kids to go undercover, underwater!

Benefits include:
· Kids can put Giggly Goggles on by themselves with no need for any adjustments.
· Don’t pull your hair or hurt the nose bridge.
· Can be personalized with names or company logos.
· Easy care: gently hand wash with fresh water; after each use allow to air-dry completely.
· Come in two different sizes Munchkins (18 months - 4 yrs) and Juniors (4-10)
Check out HipCity Sak, a fashionable and fun hands-free bag that helps little girls on-the-go (ages 4+) carry their own small items (in a fun and easy way) so their parents don't have to! HipCity Sak bags promote independence and their accessories, like the mermaid, inspire girls to always express themselves! And the best part: They are fun!

Benefits of the bag:

·Fashionable! Beautiful colors in designs girls love! And made of soft vegan leather, ( 100% polyurethane outer shell).

·Fun! All Bags and accessories are interchangeable and just snap on to the belt! Girls love to express themselves, collect them and trade them with their friends!

·Useful! The hands-free aspect makes it easy for a little girl to carry her items ( and not lose them!) while remaining active ( walking, biking, having fun on the monkey bars), as the bag stays attached her. This helps parents out so they don't need to carry everything! Perfect for trips to Disney or just around town! The bag can carry small toys, snacks, stuffed animals, ipods, markers and paper, etc.
Smelly Jellies available at Fashion Angels
Highlighting your to-do list has never been so much fun! Introducing, Smelly Jellies - the ultimate gel highlighters that write oober smooth and are scented! With a twistable highlighter barrel, you won't run out of fun! Choose from the neon carnival food or pastel sweet treats pack. Each boxed set comes with 6 gel highlighters.

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