FCancer LA w/ Martin Garrix, LA

Martin Garrix | Photo: Steve Haining Photography
Affair: FCancer LA w/ Martin Garrix

When: Thursday, May 19, 2016 @ 10PM

Hot Spot: Exchange Nightclub, Los Angeles, CA

FCancer, a cutting edge non-profit organization dedicated to early detection, prevention and providing support to those affected by cancer, hosted FCancer LA #FCELA at Exchange Nightclub in Downtown Los Angeles. The party sponsored by Moose Knuckles, featured music by internationally-acclaimed dance music superstar Martin Garrix. Proceeds from the event benefitted FCancer programs. Additionally, FCancer board member Scooter Braun attended the event to show his support for the organization and his artist.

Martin Garrix: 'Having the ability to play music for a living is a blessing. Getting to do it to raise money and awareness for those in need is an honor. Super excited to pair up with FCancer for an intimate LA gig raising money for such a great cause.'

FCancer throws parties all over the world that give their community a unique bonding experience. Your ticket is the FCancer t-shirt – pick your cancer ribbon and show the world why you’re in attendance. These events have not only raised considerable funds but have also provided an avenue for the community to fight back against cancer with levity and revelry.

Spotted: Martin Garrix, Scooter Braun

Hint For The Average Socialite: Tickets are available for purchase.

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