Lost Kingdom Grand Opening at Paultons Family Theme Park, London

Lost Kingdom at Paultons Family Theme Park | Photo: Average Socialite
Affair: Lost Kingdom Grand Opening at Paultons Family Theme Park

When: Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hot Spot: Paultons Park, The New Forest, Hampshire, UK 

Deets: Let us transport you back in time, back 150 million years for a Jurassic adventure of a lifetime, when Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Welcome to Lost Kingdom. A Jurassic world where Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes greet your every turn, an unbelievable prehistoric landscape where you will see, hear, and feel that you have been catapulted back to a long forgotten era.

Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park at Paultons Park is home to a whole host of Dinosaur attractions including two world class rollercoasters, life-like animatronic Dinosaurs, Jurassic themed family rides, a prehistoric Dinosaur adventure play park and an amazing opportunity to come face to face with our 'living' walking animatronic Dinosaurs!

What is in the new Lost Kingdom?

- The Flight of the Pterosaur - Paultons first family suspended coaster

- Velociraptor - A new boomerang style family roller coaster

- Boulder-Dash - Ride a huge dinosaur egg or giant stone on a swirling adventure

- The Dinosaur Tour Co. - A 4x4 jeep expedition coming face to face with dinosaurs

- Temple Heights - Ride and swoop on this family friendly platform ride

Review: Our family of four (including a 5 & 7 year old) had the pleasure of visiting Lost Kingdom in July of 2016. The park is just off the M27 with plenty of signs directing you to the proper junction. Parking is free & just a short distance from the park entrance. 

The layout of the park is easy to navigate with plenty of places to explore for the whole family. After a quick double stroller rental we headed to Peppa Pig World followed by Lost Kingdom. 

The first thing we noticed about Lost Kingdom is that it was visually stunning. Impressive animated dinosaurs are scattered throughout the park. The landscaping and layout really transport you to the Jurassic era! The next thing we noticed is that the rides looked pretty intense for a kid's theme park! Our 7 year old was ecstatic to try the roller coaster Flight of the Pterosaur. Our 5 year old got on the roller coaster and was pretty shaken, however, immediately after he asked to ride again. The second time around he laughed and really enjoyed it. We were pretty surprised. Even for adults it was pretty intimidating! They both also loved Dino Chase, a smaller rollercoaster geared toward younger children.

As we were leaving Flight of the Pterosaur we ran into a the Lost Kingdom mascot Roary! Roary is a cute baby dinosaur the kids can go up to and pet. There's also ALIVE - Dinosaur Encounters! Throughout the day you can also come up close to and even stroke a tame(ish) walking dinosaur! He comes out at random intervals during the day. 

The whole family got to ride in the 4x4 jeep at The Dinosaur Tour Co! The boys sat up front to "drive" us through our expedition where we came face to face with dinosaurs! Although both kids enjoyed Lost Kingdom we felt it was definitely a better fit for our 7 year old.

We found that the Lost Kingdom rides, public areas, restrooms & restaurants were all clean & tidy. Both men & women's rooms offered changing tables. We also found the staff to be extremely helpful, cheerful, and well trained in interacting with kids. If you have a family with toddlers there are a number of other attractions available throughout Paultons. Lost Kingdom has a dinosaur-themed outdoor adventure play park area for young children, featuring climbing frames, slides and interactive footprints. Or you can head to Peppa Pig World!

Who You May Spot: Dinosaurs

Hint For The Average Socialite: Before your visit you can go to our Paulton's website at www.paultonspark.co.uk to check opening times and prices, find them on Google maps and plan your journey.

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