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Since 2007, escape rooms have gained tremendous popularity throughout Europe and Asia. Escape rooms are interactive adventure games that lock a group of players in a themed room. There they must use elements of the room to find clues and solve riddles and escape in 60 minutes or less. 

Escape Key Entertainment
Location: Sawtelle (1560 Corinth Ave., Los Angeles, CA)
Hours: Mon-Thurs 10AM-10PM; Fri-Sun 10AM-12AM
Age: 13+
Rooms: 2; several more to open in August 2016

Escape Key Entertainment, is taking the social play to the next level. After witnessing the success of immersive play games outside the United States, Ilya Vradiy founded Escape Key Entertainment, where he would introduce Angelenos to the future of interactive entertainment. 

Escape Key’s West Los Angeles flagship location is a fully immersive group activity, which features two game rooms that hold 2-6 people. Created to be fun yet challenging, players become active participants in the rooms’ storylines. Ranked highly by Forbes Magazine for the close attention to small details, Escape Key created realistic game rooms featuring the highest quality props and décor. 

Escape Key currently offers two themed game rooms, The Casino Heist and The Mystery of Senator Payne. In The Mystery of Senator Payne, players enter an office fit for the U.S. Capitol in which Players interact with gadgets and solve riddles to locate “Bill 666.” In the Casino Heist game room, players enter a replica of an abandoned casino storage room where they must discover the hidden cash in order to escape. Each room is ranked by challenge level (easy, medium and hard) and four categories: fear, fun, teamwork and success. 

Escape Key is the new wave of entertainment. Inspired by video games, TV shows, movies and books, Escape Key was created to be a live-action adventure that is fun for all ages. Groups range from family and friends to colleagues and are designed to promote effective communication, teamwork and fun. When you escape, you will get a group photo taken and sent to you!

TIP: Book a room here! We would rank The Casino Heist higher than The Mystery of Senator Payne, but both are fun. Also, if you get Taylor as your game master, you'll be in for an hour of entertainment!

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