43rd Los Angeles Korean Festival, LA


Affair: 43rd Los Angeles Korean Festival

When: Thursday, September 22- Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hot Spot: Seoul International Park, Los Angeles, CA

Deets: With the 2015 42nd Los Angeles Korean Festival being the most successful one yet, we have stepped up the standard not only for our Festivities but the overall experience. Join us for the 43rd Los Angeles Korean Festival, things are coming, will you be ready?

There are festivals—-and then there’s LA Korean Festival. By weaving a deep-rooted fascination with culture, community, history and humanity through everything we do—from the expo to the global adventures we undertake —LA Korean Festival Foundation transcend run-of-the-mill with experimental and diverse take on a culture-based Festival. Burdened stereotype and presumptions of it being too traditional and “boring”; anticipation and the element of surprise possess the Festival goers with an utter sense of excitement with every year’s never-ending improvements, the LA Korean Festival is about to rock the city of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Korean Festival (LAKF) presents not only food that is loved in the streets of Korea, but also food that is enjoyed by everyone throughout the world. Come to LAKF for a new food experience: ranging from the taste of a mother’s Korean-style pancake, to the spicy flavor of a Korean rice cake, to craving-inducing Korean BBQ, to the iconic shape of a tornado potato, together with Korean infused foods from around the world. Tempting foods that are a feast for the artistic eye along with mouth-watering aromas that will captivate all five of your senses: come try all of these flavors yourself at this year’s festival!

With Korean products that are even hard to get a hold of in Koreatown, Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation provides vendors that bring products straight from Korea. Beautiful lanterns from the Korean province of Jinju welcome over 500 vendors and 400,000 shoppers at a festival that is nothing short of amazing. Charmingly made booths that consist of automobile, cosmetics, airline, and many more vendors participate to market their brand and sell their exclusive products. Come check out what each unique vendor has to offer!

Through the power of Hallyu, LAKF attendees can now enjoy the festivities and performances that are spreading from Korea to the world. With a wide variety of extravagant performances ranging from martial arts to traditional dance to Korean pop, this aspect of the festival draws a diverse crowd in both age and ethnicity. Every year, there is a big headliner that has an immense reputation in the K-pop industry. Through the power of Hallyu, we plan on creating an enjoyable and memorable time for all ethnicities as they enjoy the renowned performances of these K-pop stars.

The Los Angeles Korean Festival (LAKF) is a significant event in Los Angeles to promote the history and culture of Korea to the younger generation of all ethnicities. Through various exhibits, such as the historical wall, the march of Korean traditional soldiers, and many more, LAKF offers festivalgoers a glance of Korea throughout the four days of the festival. As lanterns from Jinju light up the festival grounds, attendees can enjoy the visual beauty of Korea as well as the actual history. Come and enjoy the beauties that made Korea what the country is today on our beautiful site in Los Angeles!

● Historical Wall
A massive 100-foot wall stands tall in the middle of our festival that showcases the history of Korea. Not only does our wall promote the history of Korean history, but the history of Korean-Americans as well and how Koreatown obtained the status it has today.

● Korean Traditional Military Exhibition of Euiryong
For the past 43 years, Korea holds a memorial ceremony for those who lost their lives protect the province of Euiryong. Eversince 1972, General Kwak Jae-Woo and his 17 commanding officers are remembered for leading a group of militia soldiers to protect the Japanese Imperialists from overtaking the land of Euiryong.

● Tongyeong Ohgwangdae
During the mid-Joseon dynasty, aristocrats or yangbans, where entertainers who used the Ogwangdae mask. The plays that these entertainers put on were a response to the privileged status that gave the performers full reign to harass the common, dissatisfied, and disdained commoner class. In 1964, the Tongyeong Ohgwangdae was considered the 6th most important intangible cultural asset.

The vibrant and rich colors of the Korean traditional dress (hanbok) are available to be worn at one of our many experience booths. And this is not the only experience that we offer, but just one of many. Come and experience how to make a Korean lotus flower, craft a traditional fan, learn to play the traditional Korean percussion instruments, and much more! The experience that is offered throughout the festival is not just for Koreans, but for anyone who has the passion to learn about a culture different from their own.

More information will be posted as we go along, join our journey of planning, development and execution on Instagram/Facebook. Announcements will be for the Performance Line Up that will be coming to our LAKF43, along with Shopping, Expo and Food information.

Hint For The Average Socialite: This is free to attend.

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