Summer Activities with Friends

In Collaboration with Samantha Jackson
By Jason Persse from Brooklyn, USA (Coachella), via Wikimedia Commons

Summer Activities with Friends

Summer seems to be finally upon us, and with good weather reported for the foreseeable future, many of us are turning our attention to what we can do with friends in order to make the most of the glorious weather scheduled. 

There are a quite a range of activities you can do with your friends without spending much money, that are ideal for both good and bad weather, and for an array of budgets, interests, and travel options.

Hot Spot: Lucky Nugget Casino

Deets: Launched in 1998, this is one of the ultimate places to indulge in some entertainment without needing to leave your home - with a wide variety of games you can use them when playing roulette and classic card games such a poker. It may not necessarily be a first choice of activity for everyone, but it is worth a go, and can prove popular at BBQs, dinner parties, and many other occasions. It costs nothing to sign up and could end up leaving you with more cash than when you started. As far as summer ideas go, this is one of the cheapest around. 

Hot Spot: Heavy Montreal

Deets: Opening their gates in early August, this year’s festival is lining up to be a legendary one, with acts such as Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, and Fear Factory - to name but a few- playing across the weekend. This is a great place for you and your social circle to express your love of heavy metal, whilst also enjoying high temperatures and cool beverages. Standard admission starts from $149.50 and increases up to $275 for weekend passes; although the prices are steep, if you can afford to attend then it is definitely worth it.

Hot Spot: Osheaga

Deets: Taking place towards the end of July, this festival may be more relaxed, musically, but it is by no means less popular. In fact, it is one of the most successful events of its genre that is held in Montreal. Not only can you experience a wide range of musicians like Bastille, but there are also a lot of visual arts on display; it is the ideal place for sensory exploration with friends. If you’re looking to go it’s best to act fast as the Gold Passes are already sold out and only a limited amount of General Tickets are left, priced at $115. Again, this is a more costly activity.

Hot Spot: Edmonton Folk Festival

Deets: This destination is perfect for those summer goers among you that want to properly chill out, enjoying the soothing sounds of traditional folk music, and watching as the sun sets on a nice, relaxed day. It definitely is more of a niche festival experience, but one that has proven quite popular over the years, having begun in the 1980s. For this year’s event, August 4th-7th will be the days in which The Cat Empire and The East Pointers will take to the multiple stages. Prices here range dramatically, and cost from as little as $70 all the way to well over $200. However, unlike some music venues, it is more child friendly.

Hot Spot: Algonquin Provincial Park

Deets: Although a little different from music festivals, this location is great for friends and family, therefore allowing you to combine the two. Here you can take to the waters and travel the various canoe routes on offer, meaning you can brush up on a favourite hobby or discover a new one among friends. Costs do vary, and a permit is needed in order to park, but should you fancy camping or exploring the rich heritage of the local area, this is the place to do it.