The Raw Beauty Project L.A., LA

Angela Rockwood, Host of The Raw Beauty Project L.A. | Photo: Ellis Moore
Affair: The Raw Beauty Project L.A.

When: Saturday, September 17, 2016 @7PM

Hot Spot: Paul Mitchell the School, Los Angeles, CA

Deets: As most of LA celebrated pre-Emmy Festivities, Saturday night in Pasadena, a capacity crowd of more than 200 people crowded at Paul Mitchell: the School in Pasadena for a one-night benefit showing of The Raw Beauty Project: LA.

The Raw Beauty Project is an innovative travelling photography exhibit, celebrating women with disabilities. It advocates for inclusion and inspires all to embrace their beauty, own their power, and live their passion.

The show was hosted by Angela Rockwood (actress and producer of the Sundance TV reality series “Push Girls”), along with Raw Beauty Project co-founder Dr. Susan Solman, and featured more than 25 amazing models who proudly displayed their disabilities. 

Organizer and subject Angela Rockwood said, “This means so much to my heart and soul because when you are positioned in a situation that’s catastrophic it means you have to rise above it and push the limits. The theme for this year’s Raw Beauty Project in Los Angeles is all about power, beauty and passion and this is definitely three elements that all of these women (models) have.”

Among the passionate attendees included a number of the exhibit’s subjects, as well as award-wining independent filmmaker Patricia Perez, who is working on a documentary film about The Raw Beauty Project in hopes of bringing all of these inspirational stories to the big screen. 

Perez says, “I happened to see an article about the New York exhibit and I immediately felt the connection. I wanted to make a film documenting this incredible project further and extend the awe-inspiring magic of it; to bring its message of strength and empowerment to women; past the walls of the exhibit rooms and make it available everywhere. These women are remarkable and their stories need to be told."

In addition to traditional gallery prints, the Los Angeles exhibition featured a new way to experience some of the works, called tactile printing. These images use raised surfaces so that the visually impaired can feel them and experience the exhibit along with sighted guests. 

Sponsors for the LA exhibit included: Paul Mitchell the School Pasadena; Rock Star White; Bombshell; Pro Sign; Del Fresco’s Grille; C∆O Cosmetics; Demco Limited; Pasadena Magazine;; Encore!; Platform Media Group and Pro Make Up.

This powerful project made its debut in NYC in 2014 to a sold-out crowd and has resonated with media around the world, igniting a global conversation about how we as a society treat women with disabilities. It’s a moving exhibit that evolves with each subsequent presentation. The exhibit works towards redefining perceptions of beauty, educating audiences, and empowering all women. 

Hint For The Average Socialite: The mission of this exhibit and these powerful women is to promote inclusion and create a global movement, where all are inspired to Embrace their Beauty, Own their Power and Live their Passion. To purchase tickets, visit:

Get Involved: Donations to The Raw Beauty Project are tax-deductible through a fiscal agent. The Raw Beauty Project is funded by sponsors, donations and event ticket sales. The Raw Beauty Project is a sponsored artist with Performance Zone Inc. (d/b/a The Field), ac not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the performing arts community.

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