Swiss Army Man Gala Screening, London


When: Friday, September 23, 2016 @ 6-11PM

Hot Spot: O2 Peninsula Square, London, UK

Deets: Do you like Empire? How about Daniel Radcliffe? If your answer to one or both of those questions is yes, then you’re in luck. Because Empire Live – our amazing entertainment extravaganza at The O2, London – is going Radcliffe-crazy for its opening night gala, with not one but two films starring the brilliant British actor. What’s more, Radcliffe himself will be there in person to give an extended introduction. 

First up is Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan’s Swiss Army Man, a boundlessly inventive, funny, dark buddy movie that is one of the most original films in years. It stars Paul Dano as Hank, a man on the verge of suicide whose life is saved by the intervention of Manny (Radcliffe), a corpse who somehow manifests startling abilities that might just come in handy as Hank tries to make his way back home. With two stunning lead performances (including Radcliffe as you’ve never seen him before), a wonderful soundtrack and entrancing visuals, this is a must-see. 

Following that, Radcliffe shifts gears with Daniel Ragussis' dark thriller Imperium, in which he plays an enthusiastic FBI agent who is asked to infiltrate a white supremacist group in the hope of foiling a major upcoming attack. An often violent, no-holds-barred look at the extraordinary lengths undercover agents must go to while somehow trying to hold on to a semblance of themselves, Radcliffe is on excellent form. 

Who You May Spot: Daniel Radcliffe, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Paul Dano, Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

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