TIP: Travel to Croatia

Croatia | Photo: Average Socialite
Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Encompassing more than a thousand islands, it's also crossed by the Dinaric Alps. Its inland capital, Zagreb, is distinguished by its medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and diverse museums. The major coastal city Dubrovnik has massive 16th-century walls encircling an Old Town with Gothic and Renaissance buildings.

Recommended spots to visit:

- Dubrovnik: If you love Games of Thrones, this is a must-visit city. Buy a ticket to walk around Old Town or if you want guided tours, those are also available- even Games of Thrones dedicated tours. There is a secret bar, called Buza Bar, on the cliff that is a must! With a drink in hand and a beautiful view of the open water and nearby islands, you will feel relaxed. Nightlife in Dubrovnik Old Town is pretty great too.

- Plitvice National Park: This incredible natural wonder features 16 interconnecting waterfalls, making it one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Croatia and all of Europe. Make sure to hike to the top for a very satisfying view of the waterfalls.

- Hvar: If you want to travel to an island of Croatia, this is one that you should take a ferry to. There are beautiful marble stone streets, several amazing churches, and old gothic structures.

- Brac Island: This island is large compared to other Croatian islands, but worth the trip if you visit Zlatni Rat Beach. It is named one of the most stunning beaches in Europe. Though beautiful, the beach is not your typical sandy beach but rather a golden pebbly beach. What's unique is that the shape of the beach constantly changes, due to strong winds and currents.

- Split: If you are looking for good nightlife, this is the city to be in- lots of live music and performances. Within the city, you might find yourself in a maze of various restaurants and shops, but in the center is the Diocletian’s Palace. Don't forget to check out the underground levels of the Palace!

- Korcula: Dive into the history of Marco Polo and admire the Venetian Renaissance architecture. 

- Krka National Park: Filled with waterfalls and natural pools, visitors are welcome to swim in some of the designated pools.

- Zagreb: This is the country's capital but it is filled with culture and great eats! If you want lots of food for a great price, stop by Mundoaka Street Food near the city center.