Echo Mountain Festival of Lights Hike, LA

Affair: Echo Mountain Festival of Lights Hike

When: Sunday, December 18, 2016 @ 6-9PM *Cancelled*

Hot Spot: Cobb Estate/Haunted Forest, Los Angeles, CA

Deets: "The second annual Festival of Lights hike is scheduled for December 18th.Due to Forest Service Rules, I can only guide 74 hikers up the trail. The first 74 people to sign up will be part of the official hike.

The rest of you are free to organize your own hikes, as the trail is open 24/7. Friends of Echo is not responsible for non-official hikes.
Do so at your own risk.

Here are some recommendations that I strongly suggest you read through carefully, if you decide to join me:

*Bring a good reliable light- In fact, bring as many Lights as possible!
*Take warm clothing- You will need a pack to carry extra warm gear. Expect to generate sweat as you climb the mountain. Once you get to the top, you will want something warm and dry to change in to. i will post the expected weather conditions before the hike. Gloves and beanies may be needed!
* Hike the trail during the daylight hours, if you have not done so yet. Know the route, and take note of possible hazardous spots along the way. The trail rises 1500 feet in elevation, and is almost 3 miles, one way. It is listed as moderately strenuous. It is important to hike within your physical limitations!
* Wear sturdy hiking shoes or boots. The trail is rugged in spots, with steep drops along the sides.
* Pay Attention to where you are going! Last year, we had a woman walk right over the side of the mountain, and require a helicopter to hoist her back to the trail. If you want to look around, stop hiking. Pull to the uphill side of the trail, and leave room for other hikers to pass.
* Pick up after yourself- if you plan on bringing food or drink to the mountain, please know that there are no trash cans or restrooms anywhere on the route. Take a bag along for any trash you might have. Toilet paper is a plus for those who may need it. Try to visit a restroom before you depart.
* Stay on the trail- It is vital that everyone adheres to the path on Echo. Trail erosion is accelerated when people take shortcuts!
* Park at Farnsworth Park- Be respectful of the neighborhood, and keep noise to a minimum as you approach the trail.

Now that you've read through the pointers, please know that this is a fun hike. We are expecting another group to join us, and there will be carollers at the top of the mountain to add a festive vibe.

Bring something warm to drink, and above all else, hike safely!
See you on the trail!"

Hint For The Average Socialite: Free to the public!

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