TimesTalks with David Blaine, NYC

Affair: TimesTalks with David Blaine

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 7PM

Hot Spot: Florence Gould Hall, NYC

Deets: Join us for a rare and unexpected evening of conversation and magic with David Blaine, lauded as one of the greatest magicians of our time. Blaine has been buried alive in New York City for a week, encased inside a six-ton block of ice for three days, survived standing atop a 100ft tall pillar in Bryant Park for 36 hours without a safety net, endured 44 days inside a transparent box in London surviving on nothing but water, had over one million volts discharged at him continuously for 72 hours from seven Tesla coils and has won the Guinness world record for holding his breath for 17 minutes 4-1/2 seconds. Blaine comes to the Times Talks stage fresh from the success of his ABC special “David Blaine: Beyond Magic,” which features appearances by Drake, Dave Chappelle, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Johnny Depp. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to see David Blaine in a unique and new way.

Who You May Spot: David Blaine

Hint For The Average Socialite: Tickets are available now!

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