Tip: How to Destress


Dawn McCoy is a host, public speaker, social media influencer, writer, content creator, social media branding expert, actor, editor of the blog, Dawnspiration, and host and producer of “Dine & Dish with Dawn,” her celebrity interview show where food, wine and giving back are the focal points. Check out some of her tips to destress!

Dawn’s 5 Ways To Destress and Elevate Your Ordinary Day

1) Gratitude Walk - Walking the dog, walking to work, walking to the subway.

What if you turned one of those “have-to walks” into a “get-to” walk? Once a day, designate a walk where you go through your gratitude list, sharing all of the things, people and gifts you are grateful for.

They say gratitude begets gratitude and I have seen this firsthand in spades.

2) TubTime - Babies have “tummy time” but I have my self-nurturing “tub-time” every night.

At the end of a long day, every single day, draw a hot bath and add in an essential oil that speaks to your mood that day.

Lavender increases alpha waves in the brain, promoting relaxation while peppermint oil increases alertness.

My personal favorite? Eucalyptus! Because in addition to promoting alertness like peppermint, and clearing sinuses during cold and flu season, it has also been shown to increase empathy which can come in super handy when it comes to kiddos.

3) Treat yourself - To remind yourself that you’ve got to nurture yourself as a women before you can nurture anyone else, I want you to make it a policy to treat yourself every day.

Whether it’s getting in your favorite workout early in the am while everyone sleeps, indulging in a piece of chocolate or a glass of vino, or even just reading a few pages of a book before bed, do one thing every day just for you.

While women oftentimes love treating everyone else, treating yourself is the easiest thing to forget. Even try adding it into your daily calendar so treating yourself is a part of your daily schedule.

4) Take a deep breath - When the boss is calling, the dog is barking and the baby’s crying, take a quick beat for yourself.

Find a quiet space (a porch, a bathroom, a laundry room, even a closet) and take three deep breaths - inhales and exhales.

I keep Philosophy’s Take A Deep Breath products on my bathroom shelf where they are visible to help me remember to do just.

5) Share, share, share! The everyday stress of life is too heavy for one person to carry alone, so share with someone you trust. Sharing can clear your head, keep emotions freely flowing, and reduce that “tightness” in your chest.

Plus, by sharing, you can also increase your capacity for creativity by clearing out those worry cobwebs in your head! And, when we share, we can better care for others to boot.

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is to invite my friends over for a “Mask and Unmask” party where we apply Philosophy Purity mask and unmask our feelings with our closest friends.

Not only are our pores declogged, but our emotions are, too.

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