Rubbish Clearance and The Runway: Recycled Fashion Is In

Rubbish Clearance and The Runway: Recycled Fashion Is In 

The mounting waste problem is, of course, one of the most daunting issues facing the world today. Needless to say, we more often than not throw waste away without thinking twice, thus resulting in a waste crisis. Research studies show that 40 percent of waste in the world ends up in large rubbish landfills, which impairs public health and pollutes the environment.

Did you know that we as a global community produce 3 percent more waste than the preceding year? Alarmingly, experts have predicted that there could be more plastics clogging the ocean than fish. As this waste trend continues, resources are becoming very scarce, resulting in an increased demand to recycle the existing materials. The good news is that the fashion industry is on the frontline to combat the waste crisis, setting a good example for other industries.

So How Is The Fashion Industry Going Green?

For decades now, the fashion industry has been encouraging recycling through vintage and charity shops. Today, designers have taken everything to another level, creating unique and attractive designs from different recycled materials. The recycled materials can make elegant outfits, which are certainly fit enough to grace the red carpet or catwalk.

According to Cyndi Rhoades, the founder of a textiles company (Worn Again), in experiments with chemical recycling, melting the plastic materials down helps re-extrude polyester so that they can be transformed into a new yarn, which of course can easily be turned into a fabric. The mission of Worn Again is to completely abolish all textile waste. And with reprocessing and recapturing of raw materials into the chain as new, it seems possible to control most of the waste effectively.

Notably, companies are recycling the inner tubes of bicycles to create fine, leather jackets as well as T-shirts. It is amazing that some designers can use the glittering metallic of recycled radiator copper to design vast, sculptural gowns.

Designers are taking advantage of the remodeled, reworked garments and recycled yarn to create sustainable catwalk designs.

Creating Responsibly Sourced Clothes

Cotton and polyester make up around 70 percent of all clothing that's worn today. Approximately 350,000 tonnes of used clothing goes into landfills in the UK. The waste clothing is worth about £140 million. These unwanted garments can be collected safely, dissolved and transformed into new clothes.

Adidas and Parley for the oceans created a trainer, which was made purely of yarns and filaments that were obtained and recycled from illegal deep-sea gill nets and ocean waste.

Nike, which a very popular company, made shorts, socks and jerseys simply from recycling plastic bottles. They made the uniforms for the US women players who participated in the 2015 women’s world cup. Incredibly, the company has successfully helped manage more than 2 billion plastic bottles, which could have found their way into landfills and ocean.

Jewelry from recycled coffee grounds!

This is, of course, something worth mentioning. Coffee grounds can be collected, dried, compressed and then contorted into audacious, geometric shapes to make jewelry. This cuts down on the global rubbish removal pile that is constantly piling up.

So what happens when the textiles reach the end of their life?

According to Rhoades, it may be down cycled into an inferior second life product that will eventually end up in a landfill. By doing so, we are definitely lengthening the life cycle of our resources. And with chemical recycling methods, we can reuse them again and again as part of a continual cycle.

Although it may appear like it’s a crazy proposition to collect the raw materials and recycle them, a fashion industry that continuously reuses the waste products through effective rubbish removal will eventually ensure no waste happens as technologies advance.

How can Clearabee help with sustaining the disposable culture?

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