Crimson View Grand Opening, DC
Affair: Crimson View Grand Opening

When: Friday, September 1, 2017

Hot Spot: Pod DC, 627 H St., NW, Washington, DC

Deets: The View, located on the rooftop, serves as the focal point for social conversation and where guests come to unwind and bask in the brilliance of a sunset, with with hanging gardens that suspend from beaded ceilings. The rooftop will serve local wines and craft beers with light snacks, 7 nights a week.

Hint For The Average Socialite: Open daily at 5 PM (starting September 1). Last call is midnight on weekdays, 2 am on weekends.

One level below, Crimson Bar is a traditional public house, showcasing and celebrating whiskey’s rich history in the American South. Crimson Whiskey Bar will be open on the lower level September 2017. 

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