The Museum of Selfies, LA


Affair: The Museum of Selfies

Opening April 2018; Wednesday- Friday from 12-8PM, weekends 12-10PM; Opening date to be announced

Hot Spot: 211 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA

Deets: Average Socialite is a proud partner of The Museum of Selfies ~ Opening in April 2018!

The Museum of Selfies - a new museum dedicated to the “science, art and culture of self representation” - is opening its camera-ready doors in California this April.

The Museum of Selfies is an interactive space that explores the cultures of selfies through the lens of art, history and technology while allowing people to create art of their own.

The Museum of Selfies will feature various one-of-a-kind exhibits dedicated to the most popular image categories spanning mankind, including: the "high-up selfie," a vertigo-inducing, rooftop selfie mimicking the top of skyscraper; the "bathroom selfie," a two-sided room that lacks self-reflection but excellent for trick photography; the "food selfie," a super-sized exhibit that satisfies taste buds and foodie fanatics; a "narcissist" exhibit examining the number of deaths from selfie-related accidents while also offering a lesson in Greek mythology; and many other unique selfie opportunities that are reminiscent of today and of centuries ago.

The museum will also feature works from modern artists from around the world providing their provocative and creative vision of the selfie phenomenon. Furthermore, a proposed Guinness Book of World Records item that will be unveiled at the grand opening and will remain on display throughout the pop-up experience.

Selfie addicts will be glad to know selfie sticks “aren’t just allowed inside, they are encouraged”.

Hint For The Average Socialite:
Admission info to be announced soon. $25 tickets, free for 3 years and under. Subscribe to their newsletter for updates!

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