TIP: Travelling Like A Top Model for NYFW

Emily Ratajkowski traveling to NYFW 2016 | Photo: Courtesy of JetSmarter

With New York Fashion Week on the horizon, top models are flocking to the Big Apple from all over the nation. Since trekking through commercial airports is one of the least stylish things to do on the planet, many models are looking at alternative options – including flying private.

JetSmarter, the private jet booking app that has grown to become the go-to app for models who seek luxury travel, and still want to avoid annoying paparazzi and obsessive fans at commercial airports By paying a $15,000 annual membership fee, members can fly unlimited on shared private jets throughout the U.S., Europe and Middle East, and charter private planes at a wholesale cost. 

The app has attracted top fashion models such as Emily Ratajkowski, Chanel Iman, Cindy Crawford– and many more. 

Hint for the Average Socialite: JetSmarter has been taking off amongst Hollywood's most notable celebrities, as it's known as the go-to mobile app for booking private jets on a whim. Membership is priced at $15,000 $4,950 (individual) or $9,950 (family) annually. Join Now!

Chanel Iman JetShuttling to LA from Miami | Photo: Courtesy of JetSmarter

Cindy Crawford Travelling for the Holidays | Photo: Courtesy of JetSmarter