TIP: Enjoying the Glitz and Glamour of The Ritz Club in London

TIP: Enjoying the Glitz and Glamour of The Ritz Club in London

Boasting a name synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, The Ritz Club in London is renowned for the opulent splendor of its interior décor within the former ballroom of the five-star The Ritz Hotel. Whether it’s the appeal of gambling in the casino, fine-dining in the restaurant, or enjoying at tipple at one of the bars, this venue prides itself on offering the very best levels of service for patrons, catering for their every whim.

However, as a private members club, not just anyone can walk in off the street. Let’s take a look at how visitors can get to experience this world-famous unique and exclusive venue, along with the services and facilities that will keep any self-respecting socialite entertained, as they enter one of London’s finest establishments.

Chancing your hand at the gaming tables

The main casino features four distinct and sumptuously decorated areas, including the Main Gaming Salon where most visitors will play, which features four Roulette tables, three Blackjack tables, two 3 Card Poker tables, and two Baccarat tables, with the latter often known as Punto Banco.

The Carmen Room, The Amber Lounge, and The Aida Room, are available exclusively to the most discerning members and guests and are usually considered to be private rooms or Salles Privées, to use the more elegant parlance of The Ritz Club itself. According to the anecdotal history of the casino itself, legendary Australian millionaire and gambler Kerry Packer once lost £8 million during a blackjack binge in 1987, staking £10,000 per each of the seven available hands, simultaneously on two tables and hopping from one to the other as he played.

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While all the games on offer at The Ritz Club are available in the Main Gaming Salon, including Blackjack, Baccarat and Three Card Poker, the most prominently featured are the four Roulette tables, given the association with the game being most popular amongst elite and wealthy players in such exclusive casinos, plus the fact that it’s a game of chance which offers multiple options and odds for each spin of the wheel, depending on the preferences of the players.

It’s worth noting that the UK version of the game is played here. If you don’t already know about the different variations, essentially, the UK variant of the game features just one zero, in comparison to European and American variants which additionally feature double-zero on the wheel. Worth pointing out from Betway Casino, UK version of playing actually favors the player more, with odds of 35 to 1 for the ball landing on any number, whilst the addition of double-zero favors the house slightly more, at 36 to 1 odds.

Getting a seat at the gaming tables

Applications for exclusive private membership can be submitted and for £1,000 a lifetime membership can be obtained. However, this is of course subject to the utmost discretion and scrutiny of The Ritz Club, with sponsorship from existing members sometimes required. Once an application has been approved, the venue may also require proof of wealth and funds, if gaming transactions are to exceed certain thresholds. Such an exclusive level of membership to one of the most intimate locations in London, of course, brings the possibility of enjoying preferential treatment and all the Club’s services at their fullest extent.
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If you know an existing member of The Ritz Club, you can visit by their invitation and only when they accompany you, as all visitors must sign in at the reception and the member is responsible for your conduct. The alternative option is that guests of The Ritz Hotel are also offered the opportunity to partake of the gaming facilities within The Ritz Club, entering through an almost secret mirrored door from the hotel.

In all instances, although you might not need to wear the kind of tuxedo sported by James Bond in his many famous casino scenes, including some at this very location, suitably smart dress is still expected for both men and women. That said, it’s only natural that if you’re going to visit one of the most exclusive venues in the world, it’s only natural you’ll want to look the part and be in keeping with the opulent splendor of the surroundings, even when considering that the casino is open twenty-four hours each day.

Fine-dining and drinking in elegant surroundings

Beyond the obvious attraction of gaming in one of the most exclusive settings in the world, The Ritz Club is also renowned for the exquisite cuisine on offer, catering to a wide variety of even the most refined tastes and preferences. The recipient of countless national and international awards, and found from Trip Advisor consistently comprises of high reviews praising the quality and service, the restaurant prides itself on always raising the bar as far as standards are concerned. Given the broadly international clientele and membership, the menus not only feature the very best local offerings, but also Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Thai dishes.

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Serving up the finest beverages for the most refined palettes, only the best drinks are offered to the esteemed clientele enjoying a tipple or two at the bar. Indeed, this is one of Johnny Depp’s favorite London haunts, where the famous American actor apparently discovered his love for Irish Whisky, when introduced to some of the rarest malts by the Irish head barman during his earliest visits. Of course, there’s also a wide choice of the classiest champagnes and creative cocktails on offer, so visitors can savor the flavor of whichever beverage, or mixture, takes their fancy, as they soak up the ambience and atmosphere of the opulent surroundings.