TIP: The Best Place to Mingle with Celebs

TIP: The Best Place to Mingle with Celebs


Let’s face it, the world is celebrity mad. From reality TV stars to our favourite sportsmen and women, we just can’t get enough of public figures. Naturally, a lot of us want to meet our favourite actors, TV personalities and even politicians, but getting close to someone who doesn’t exactly nip to the shops or socialise down the local can be difficult, especially if there are megastars surrounded by a dozen security guards. 

Luckily, there are a few ways for fans to get close to their muses without verging on stalking. And you don’t even have to venture very far from home too – unless the person you want to rub shoulders with is a true A-lister, like Tom Hanks. It may be surprising to here that celebs are actually just humans, and they like hanging around in normal places just like the rest of us. Granted, these places can sometimes be off-limits to us average Joes, but most of the time getting in is just a case of booking a table or buying a ticket. Some even find success sneaking in with a fake access-all-areas badge – though you might get in trouble for that.

Swanky restaurants


Claridges, the Ivy, Nandos Leicester Square – if you want to see celebrities, then catching them while they’re eating is a great way to do it. When you’ve got lots of money, then spending over £100 on dinner becomes a run-of-the-mill activity, and high-end restaurants can often be a great celebrity trap. If money is no object, then we’d suggest joining the long queue for a table at the Chiltern Firehouse in London’s Mayfair. Previous celeb spots here include Bradley Cooper, David Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence, so it must be good. 

If you’re looking for a lower-level celeb, then C London in Chelsea is the less-exclusive place to be. Aside from the entire cast of Made in Chelsea rocking up here several times a week, you could bump into the likes of Joey Essex, footballer Cesc Fabregas and possibly even local Simon Cowell. Who said you need to spend a fortune to see a famous face? 


As you’ve got a lower chance of spotting a big name in a casino in London, we’d recommend heading off to Las Vegas if you want to rub shoulders with the pick of the bunch. Las Vegas is a bit of a magnet for Hollywood superstars, especially in casinos like the Wynn, Caesar’s Palace and the MGM. Even if you don’t manage to bump into anyone famous playing at the tables, the sheer number of famous acts who regularly hold autograph signings and photo opportunities after the show practically guarantee any trip into a big casino will result in a cool snapchat video.

If you’re looking to play against a celebrity however, you’ll need to time your trip a little better, or even just look for the right sort of game. There are a few big-name gamblers in Hollywood who regularly pop in Vegas for tournaments and competitions, especially at major events like the World Series of Poker. Actors like Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon and James Woods are all massive poker fans, and Woods in particular pops up at events big and small just for the sheer love of the game. 

Blackjack is a particular attraction for celebrities, particularly Paris Hilton, Prince Harry and Ben Affleck, who are all big fans. If you fancy getting Ben Affleck’s autograph, however, you may have a tough time. The star was caught card counting while playing blackjack a few years back, so you may have to be able to see through the false moustache and sunglasses to spot him. 

Make sure you don’t befall the same fate as the Batman star by swatting up on these blackjack rules before you visit – because there’s nothing worse than finally finding your favourite superstar, before being laughed off the table for hitting on 19.
Film premieres


OK, so you might not be able to get a full conversation with Leo di Caprio just by snagging tickets to a big film release, but anything can happen next to the red carpet. Sometimes benevolent celebs will pose for a quick photo or sign a photo, book or DVD, and if you’re lucky enough you might be able to say a quick hello at the bar. If you’re really desperate to meet celebrities, though, we’d recommend getting a job in a famous movie theatre. The Cineworld on Leicester Square has the same application process as every other one of the chain’s venues, so why not submit an application and you could soon be serving them popcorn. 

Sports Venues

At a football stadium you’re only a couple of hundred feet away from world-famous footballers, and the same goes for other sports, where famous faces are always part of the crowd. 

Just take Wimbledon. The relatively small No. 1 Court isn’t totally impossible to get into if you’re an All-England member and have the cash to pay for a seat, and the level of celebrity in there is pretty insane. Again, Bradley Cooper has been spotted in the crowd several times, Rosamund Pike is a big tennis fan and you could also bump into Prince William, who goes pretty much every year. 

If you’re in the states, a basketball game is a guaranteed hotspot for celebs, especially in Los Angeles. From Kanye West to Jack Nicholson, simply pop along courtside on your way back to the cheap seats and ask very, very nicely for a selfie.

Book signings and Album Releases


Meeting celebs at book and album signings is a sure-fire way to meet them – and even make friends. You may need to queue for a few hours, and you shouldn’t expect a full-blown conversation lasting longer than 15 seconds, but you can get your photo and your autograph. 

If you do manage to spot a celebrity, it’s definitely worth remembering a few ground rules. Try not to race in and start gushing, or even worse – dive straight in with a hug or an unwelcome selfie. Remember, these guys are people too, and someone random jumping on them isn’t going to be too pleasant. Also, it’s a bit of weird concept that you may know every detail of their personal lives, whereas they’ve only just met you. Try not to ask about those embarrassing moments or details, unless of course the conversation starts flowing. 

And the most important rule of all? Don’t try and take a covert photo. It’s just weird, and 9 times out of 10, famous people will be used to people asking nicely, without the need for those awkward phone angles across the restaurant.