Room For Tea, NYC

Affair: Room For Tea

When: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 - Saturday, September 22, 2018

Hot Spot: 371 Broadway, NYC

Deets: The First Tea-themed Immersive Art Space in NYC.

In the city of New York, we are fascinated by the integration of diversity. Tea is such a magical drink that embraces all different flavors and allows them to shine their unique characters with balance. Herb meets milk; sweet meets bitter, and of course Boba meets Jelly! Just a few examples of how fusion the tea world can be. In a way, it is a collision of taste, a synthesis of cultures, and a symbol of unity.

As lovers of tea and fans of diversity, we’re here to celebrate tea’s glory. With our love, passion and creativity, we created this fun interactive space for everyone in New York City.


*Labyrinth of Tea origin: passing through layers of curtains to explore the myth of world oldest tea.
*Milk Tea Metropolis: walking down the street in Hong Kong to witness how this British royal drink transformed into street style.
*Matcha under Cherry Blossom: rewinding in a modern teahouse to understand world most divine tea ceremony.
*Summer BOBA Court: adventuring with friends in our pink fun court, which is full of giant pink BOBAs and milk bottle.
*Mint Tea Secret Box: wondering what is inside the Mint Tea Box? The only way to explore is crawling in and finding out yourself!

Hint For The Average Socialite: Tickets are available now!


*Admission to 5 different tea scenes.
*A FREE Boba tea for each admission! Thank to our amazing sponsors.
*A plantable card for every guest. Yes, you can grow a plant from a card!
*A tree will be planted because of your visit to us.
*Plenty of fun moments.

To Upgrade your ticket and add 40-minute tea ceremony to your experience, please visit:

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