Lufthansa: Fly Through Time PopUp, NYC

When: Sunday, October 14, 2018 @ 11AM-5PM 

Hot Spot: Duarte Square, 6th Avenue & Grand Street, NYC

Deets: Check out this immersive pop-up happening in New York City this weekend: Lufthansa, the renowned German airline, will debut an interactive, playful activation to celebrate the golden age of travel (think 50’s themed sets, augmented reality and retro flight attendant costumes). The experience, “Fly Through Time” will be held Sunday, October 14 in Duarte Square in New York City.

At the Fly Through Time experience, New Yorkers will be able use the power of augmented reality technology to see the Super Constellation virtually on the streets of SoHo, and dress themselves in the 1950s fashions of the Super Connie’s stylish passengers and crew. And of course, guests will enjoy the iconic sophistication of the ‘Senator Service’ First Class lounge in the skies, recreated for the perfect selfie.

The “Fly Through Time” activation is free, open to the public and will transport guests back in time with a fully decked-out 1950’s themed Lufthansa terminal set. In addition, the installation will have multiple retro experiences such as:

* Interactive model of a 1958 Lufthansa Super Constellation ‘Senator Service’ First Class onboard lounge -- guests will be able to pose/take photos in the lounge while they wait to ‘virtually board’
* High-touch Augmented Reality mirror -- guests can virtually dress in vintage Lufthansa uniform and passenger styles
* Augmented Reality (AR) model of the historic Super Connie, an aviation icon and the first-ever luxury transatlantic flight -- the interactive model will be educational and photo-friendly
* Life-like reenacted boarding scenario -- guests will receive a limited edition ‘ticket’ to board the exhibit, flight attendants will call the guests name/flight number, to create a fully encompassing retro boarding scene. 

The event is being held in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the historic “Senator Service,” the predecessor to its famed First Class which launched on the iconic Super Connie aircraft.

Hint For The Average Socialite: Free and open to the public! Educational and very photo-friendly, the limited pop-up will be fun for all ages. You can view more information here:

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