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Glam+Go Beauty Bar at Luminary | @BeALuminary

As a member of Glam+Go blowout salon, I was excited to try out their new location - Glam+Go NOMAD at Luminary (NYC) last week. When I arrived to check-in I was immediately taken by the brand new, beautiful open work space called Luminary (see for yourself in the video below)! I was fortunate to meet the real life definition of a Boss Babe, Founder Cate Luzio, and take a tour of this 11,000 square foot dream work space that encompasses everything from communal workspace, conference rooms & private phone booths to complimentary wine & meditation room! Read on for more details!

Cate Luzio, Founder & CEO of Luminary | @BeALuminary

Founder Cate Luzio
What do you do as a working woman, who after twenty years of experience in financial services, has yet to see enough investment in female talent? Cate Luzio, Founder and CEO of Luminary, was in this position and made the bold move to leave banking to create Luminary, an ecosystem to help women.

Communal Living Room at Luminary | @BeALuminary

Luminary, which just opened in Nomad in November of 2018, is New York City’s premier collaboration hub for women who are passionate about professional development and expanding their networks. It is a refuge for the curious, the ambitious, the connectors, and the change agents. It is the ultimate career advocate for women providing the professional coaching and social community needed to thrive. We are a diverse collective of women focused on fostering meaningful relationships.Creating an ecosystem to help women.

More details shared from the Luminary website are included below!

Communal Living Room at Luminary | Photo: Average Socialite 

Who is Luminary?
No one cares about your career more than you do - it’s your ultimate investment. You can no longer wait for your job or boss to give you a career roadmap.

We are doing things differently and acting beyond buzzwords to make change happen. We are cultivating the learning community and networks you have been looking for. We are working together to accelerate progress to gender equality. Luminary is reimagining a space for women with an emphasis on community, investing in self-development, wellness, flexibility and giving back. Join Luminary and invest in your career. Individual & Corporate memberships are available.

Complimentary Wine, Coffee & Tea | Photo: Average Socialite 

Where is the space?
Luminary is located at 1204 Broadway between 30th and 29th streets, one block away from multiple subway lines at multiple station(s), three blocks from Penn Station and two blocks from the Path, with proximity to Port Authority and multiple bus stops. For those Members who drive to work, there are several parking lots nearby and ample metered parking spots near our location.

Luminary occupies the top two floors and 11,000 square feet of a four-story building in the Nomad neighborhood. Three sides of our building are flanked with windows to bring in an abundance of natural light and a private, 4,000 square foot rooftop deck overlooking the Empire State Building is available for Luminary members’ usage and private events.

Our open floor plan, as well as conference and meeting rooms, accommodate a variety of courses, workshops, events, meetings andgatherings. We also know just how busy women really are and how difficult it can be to manage all of your daily goals. We offer a fitness studio, showers, beauty bar and a changing/locker room.

One of Many Available Conference Rooms at Luminary | Photo: Average Socialite 

Common Space
* Whether you’re working in our communal “living room” or networking on our private rooftop deck, the Luminary space is bright, comfortable and planned with you in mind.
* Conference and “huddle” rooms
* Extra large conference room for running simultaneous sessions or breakouts
* Private phone booth-style nooks for calls
* Spacious, private rooftop deck

Events Space
* Luminary has up to 6,000 square feet of event space available, from large-scale events for up to 250 people to more intimate events using partitions. Please contact Luminary for more information about reserving Luminary for your special event.
* Large, open communal living room spaces
* Discounted rental rates for members
* Boardrooms for large gatherings or team offsites
* Private rooftop deck with views of the Empire State Building
* Classes, workshops, seminars and more

Schedule a tour via email: info@luminary-nyc.com

Meditation Room at Luminary | Photo: Average Socialite 

Are there age requirements?
While Luminary will sometimes host events that are made for all ages, standard memberships are only available to women 21+ years of age. Guests of members also need to be 21+ years of age as well. Given we will have memberships for college students and partnerships with various universities, we will ensure we seek proof of ID.

Fitness Center at Luminary | Photo: Average Socialite 

What are Luminary's hours?
Luminary’s normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am-9pm, and Saturday from 10am-4pm. Evening programming and networking events may run past 9pm on a case by case basis. We are closed on Sundays to give our Luminary staff a break. Let’s hope you give yourself a break too!

One of Many Available Huddle Rooms at Luminary | Photo: Average Socialite 

Are men and people who identify as male allowed to join Luminary?
Luminary understands that often women work, partner, and collaborate with men professionally – we need them on our journey too! Because our mission is to help women stay in boss mode, we will welcome male guests, speakers and facilitators in certain programs and events. In addition, if a Member would like to host a meeting with a man/men in our conference room space, we will just require notice. However, Members who rent our private event space are welcome to host guests of all genders.