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Free screenings in theaters (Including Red Carpet Premieres)!

Ever wonder if it was possible to watch free movies in the theater? Well, you have come to the right place! We will share with you deets on how you can save money! (We all know movies are quite pricey these days!)

Main source of free screenings:


Gofobo provides you with trailers, summaries, reviews, sweepstakes, and chances to attend screenings of upcoming movies. Make sure to sign up. (It's free!)

There are also outside sources:

- 1iota

- Advanced screenings

- Get Screening

- 43Kix

Some studios also offer free advanced screenings. Signing up is free, and just like Gofobo, passes do not guarantee seating, so please arrive early!

Sony Screenings

Fox Searchlight Screenings

Warner Brothers Screenings 

Universal Studios Screenings

STX Screenings

These sites notify you when a screening in your city is open and available. They release specific screening codes and with the code you want-- you sign into your Gofobo account and paste your code into the RSVP code search box. In other instances, they may have sweepstakes for you to enter!

If you live in LA or NYC and you pay attention to the red carpet premiere calendar you can even score free tickets to a movie premiere!

Once you get your tickets make sure you arrive early. Tickets are overbooked to ensure full capacity and that means not everyone will get in! First come first serve!

Check out our other tips for screening and red carpet tickets here.

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