Speakeasies were a place for the illegal sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks during Prohibition. During that time bars were hidden above, behind or below storefronts or had secret entrances. After Prohibition ended in 1933, the term Speakeasy is now used to describe nostalgic secret bars. Here are some of our favorite hidden restaurants, bars & speakeasies throughout the city.

Blind Barber
10797 Washington Blvd, Culver City

Go through the back door of an old-time barber shop that offers classic hair cuts to find this dark speakeasy.

 TIP: Make a reservation.

Break Room 86
3515 Wilshire Rd, Koreatown

Break Room 86 is a primo 80s-themed Karaoke bar in Los Angeles's Koreatown (secret entrance via the Line Hotel), brought to you by Houston Hospitality.

TIP: Wait in line by the loading dock, and then buy yourself a snack. You'll see.

Make a reservation here.

Der Wolfskopf
72 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena

This super-sweet Pasadena beer hall has an even-more-super-sweet secret bar downstairs. 

TIP: Call 626.219.6054 or email info@derwolfskopf.com. Specify if you are interested in reserving one of their 3 spaces for your small, medium, or large group. They will get back to you as quickly as possible to discuss options.

Dirty Laundry
1725 Hudson Ave, Hollywood

Trendy nightclub in a former speakeasy with DJs, dancing, inventive drinks & sly house rules.

TIP: Go down the stairs, and enter in the secret code (from

Twitter, FB, or Insta) on the door.

El Tiger Magnifico
Gardena Ave, Glendale

An apartment speakeasy serving creative cocktails.

TIP: Follow @eltigrecocktails on Instagram and hope for an invite.

Golden Box
6685 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

This small retro disco n the back of the dancey Supper Club.

TIP: Go around the back parking lot of Musso and Frank's.

Good Times at Davey Wayne's
1611 N El Centro Ave, Hollywood

Funky '70s retro bar with era-appropriate garage sale decor, an Airstream trailer & backyard BBQ. You get there by going through a refrigerator door.

TIP: Make a reservation.

515 W 7th St, Downtown LA

Hidden-door backroom of bar Seven Grand, specializing in Japanese whiskey amid a moody vibe.

TIP: Look for an unmarked door near the back of Seven Grand. Push the white button. When someone answers, request a table.

La Descarga
1159 Western Ave, Koreatown

A Cuban-themed nightspot with a dress code offering a cigar lounge & burlesque-style salsa acts hidden behind the armoire door of a dilapidated hotel room.

TIP: Make a reservation.

Lock and Key
239 S Vermont Ave, Koreatown

Cozy nightspot featuring signature cocktails in a chic, vintage ambiance. Pull the correct doorknob to enter.

TIP: Table reservations are available. To make a reservation, there is a table service minimum of $300 (plus tax and gratuity.) We recommend one of our Signature Cocktail Punch Bowls that serves up to 25 drinks with a spirit base of your choice. Tables seat 6-8 comfortably and we recommend 1 table for parties of 8-10.

No Vacancy
1717 N Hudson Ave, Hollywood

Swanky, shadowy bar mixes sophisticated cocktails amid decor recalling the bygone days of Hollywood.

TIP: Reserve a table.

R Bar
3331 W 8th St, Koreatown

This divey K-town bar is marked only with an "R" on the outside, but inside are great bands or karaoke and a good hang -- if you know the password.

TIP: KNOW THE PASSWORD (which you can find on Facebook and Twitter).

Seventy7 Lounge
3843 Main St, Culver City

Upscale Speak Easy lounge serving the finest spirits & cocktails.

TIP: Find the cocktail sign in the alley -- there's a bouncer behind that door.

The Red Door
10057 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake

A hidden dark, romantic lounge behind the restaurant with leather booths featuring cocktails, wine & elevated bar fare.

TIP: Go to Robano's Pizza. Walk down the alley. Look for the red light and a red door.

The Roger Room
370 N La Cienega Blvd

Eclectic bar with vintage freak show pictures on the walls serving trendy, upscale cocktails.

TIP: Reserve a table by emailing. Look for the 370 on the door.

The Varnish
118 E 6th St, Downtown LA

Housed inside a refurbished storage room in Los Angeles’ oldest public house — Cole’s The Originators of the French Dip Sandwich restaurant in downtown L.A. — The Varnish pays tribute to both classic and updated cocktails with a focus on thoughtful service and hospitality. This speakeasy is hidden behind a door in the back of Cole's bar. 

TIP: Arrive early. First come, first served.

Walker Inn
3612 W 6th St, Koreatown

Cozy, hidden bar & lounge inside Hotel Normandie offering an omakase-style cocktail menu. 

TIP: Walk through the Normandie Club, find the doorbell in the back, and give it a ring. Make a 2 hour reservation slot ($25 fee for cancellations within 24 hours).