*EIC  @sharmedlife  is wearing  COMUNITYmade Westsiders  in foam

*EIC @sharmedlife is wearing COMUNITYmade Westsiders in foam

LA-based shoe brand COMUNITYmade is the brainchild of TOMS alums, Sean and Shannon Scott. This husband-and-wife team is taking the philanthropic model a step further by employing the neighborhood.

COMUNITYmade boasts a collection of premium shoes for both men and women that are handmade by local Los Angeles artisans that use sustainable, locally sourced materials. The factory is purposefully located a few blocks from the Downtown LA showroom where locals are employed and taught valuable skills.

For every pair of shoes sold, the brand donates $10 to a local community effort that is uniquely chosen by the consumer at checkout. Proving to be a true social hub within the community, the brand also offers its showroom as an event space for local happenings.

To Sean and Shannon Scott, these are more than just shoes, they help build a community.

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