Top Events to Attend In New York This Year  

New York is an incredible city and the best way to see for yourself why we term New York an incredible city is to visit the city when it hosts one or more of its prestigious recurring events. To make life easier for all those looking to see the beauty of New York, we have decided to share with you a list of some of the top events that you can attend this year. Note that for most of the events covered below, you will need to register first to attend and you can register here

New York Fashion Week (8 to 16 February)  

The New York Fashion Week for 2019 is set to run from February 8 to February 16. As always, the event is set to be attended by the shutterbugs, style influencers as well as the posh editors. While the tickets for the main event, the extravagant runway is not open to members of the general public, there are some events that you can still attend. Your ‘public’ ticket will not be able to get you a front row seat alongside A class celebrities but you will definitely catch a glimpse of one or two from afar.  

Lunar New Year Parade & Festival (February)  

The Lunar New Year is traditionally an Asian holiday but thanks to globalization, you too can celebrate the holiday in New York. When you attend the Lunar New York Parade $ Festival, you get to see the dragon dance, processions by Asian acrobats, magicians, musicians, martial artists, and marching bands. In addition, you will also witness the Firecracker Ceremony, a ceremony which was traditionally done to ward off evil spirits and the Lantern Festival where families gather in the dark under lantern nights listening to Asian food while at the same time indulging in Asian cuisine. 

Orchid Show (February to April)  

The annual Orchid Show returns in February and will run until April. The Orchid Show is going to be hosted at the usual place i.e. the New York Botanical Garden. This year, visitors to the Orchid Show will see brilliantly coloured orchids in the Enid A. the orchids are from the Haupt Conservatory. 

New York International Children’s Film Festival (March)  

The New York International Children’s Film Festival is a platform which gives upcoming film producers and directors the opportunity to showcase their work to the world on a global stage. The festival returns in March this year. Visitors to the New York International Children’s Film Festival can expect to watch all sorts of films from live-action dramas to animated short and full-length films. 

St. Patrick’s Day Parade (March)  

Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday but even if you are in the US, you can still get to celebrate the holiday. The parade which is the city’s oldest and largest has been running since 1762. This year, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be celebrating the Catholic faith and the Irish culture.