Welcome to THE EDGE… Coming to New York in 2020… The highest outdoor deck in the entire Western Hemisphere!

Go rise above the clouds, the birds, the city itself.

Go out of the building and walk 65 feet straight out into the sky on the highest public balcony in New York.

Go take in the iconic skyline like never before, in full panorama—with dramatic sunsets to the west.

Go forth and stand on the large glass floor, gasping as you impossibly look straight down at the bustling neighborhood 1,100 feet below.

Go further and lean out over Manhattan, literally, on the nine-foot wall of boldly angled glass—if you dare.

Go even higher and dine on the 101th floor at the 10,000-square-foot bar, restaurant, and event space programmed by renowned hospitality group rhubarb, its first venture outside of London.

It’s the city as you’ve really never seen it before.

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