SH-RD, established in 1985, is a renowned Taiwanese beauty brand that has taken over the global market and is now making its way through to the United States! The item that we think you’ll fall in love with is the SH-RD Protein Cream which out-performs competing brands when it comes to its ability to fortify and strengthen hair-it is also a standout as it makes your hair grow much faster than the competitors. It is made from silk amino acid, macadamia oil, certified avocado oil, and rosemary. It instantly smooths and seals the cuticle with special conditioning benefits that promote elasticity and softness.

SH-RD Repair Series is designed for those with damaged hair caused by environment factors and damaging hair products. It contains all the vitamins necessary and protein supplements to provide nutrients to damaged shafts, repair damaged hair, and restore lifeless hair back to health. Formulated with special ingredients, Rosemary, and D- Panthenol (Vitamin B5 Complex), they help to accelerate blood circulation, repair and condition scalp and hair, and are anti-bacterial.

How to use

1. Apply SH-RD Shampoo and SH-RD conditioner to your hair and rinse out.  
2. Pat dry with towel and leave hair damp.  
3. Apply a small amount, rub it on your palm, use your comb or finger to distribute evenly onto your hair-style and blow dry as usual afterwards. 
4. Apply a small amount to the ends of fully dry hair. Do not rinse. Style as you want.

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