So, many of you may have noticed that celebrities are showing up on the red carpet with a new (seemingly impossible) hair color every time you turn around. Well we’ve done some digging to find out exactly how they are pulling this off and if we can get in on the hair fun! 

One common word that’s currently trending is human hair wigs. I know what you’re thinking… A wig? No way! But before you dismiss the idea you’ve got to check out why these things are dominating social media and becoming such a hot commodity. So, let’s take a look at some of our findings to see how far wigs have come in recent years and why we just can’t get enough of the look!

There’s this new thing called a monofilament wig. Look for this word when shopping for your new wig do and you’ll be amazed at how realistic the hair part look. Monofilament means that the wig cap is made with a sheer material in the crown area, in which the hairs are tied or sewed. This allows for the hair to be parted in different directions and gives it realistic movement. So, it’s no wonder you can’t tell that so many women (and men) are wearing them every day!

 You may have heard the term lace front wigs before. A lace front basically solves the issue of a wig looking unnatural around your hairline. Interestingly enough, this trend actually started in Hollywood, with actors and actresses using them to change up their look to play different roles. Once the public caught wind of the lace front magic, it took off like wildfire.

Human hair wigs versus synthetic wigs. This all comes down to what you prefer in a wig, and how dedicated you are to styling or how realistic you want the hair to be. Until we started investing this wig business, we had no idea there were so many options! You can even get human hair blend wigs that are a combination of real hair and synthetic fiber. Here are some pros and cons of each:

Synthetic Wigs

Pros: Usually ready-to-wear out of the box and easy to maintain. You can even get lace front synthetic wigs to get the natural looking hairline. These wigs are usually less expensive and the coolest part – they hold their style even after washing (in cool water). 

Cons: Synthetic wigs do not last as long as wigs made of real hair, so although they are less expensive, you will need to purchase them more frequently. They are also not quite as realistic.

Human Hair Wigs

Pros: Soft to the touch and less shiny than synthetic hair wigs. These wigs almost always have a monofilament and/or a lace front so you will be fully equipped with all the luxury features. They are incredibly realistic and very comfortable to wear, so many people with hair loss or alopecia prefer human hair for daily wear. 

Cons: Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs, so you’ll need to have some extra change to get your hands on one. Unlike synthetic fiber, human hair loses its style after washing (because it’s real hair), so they require a bit more work. 

So, once you see what’s involved with each wig type, you can determine which kind works best for your lifestyle and preferences. It’s also helpful to ask yourself some questions like:

How often will you be wearing your wig?

Do you have hair loss or alopecia?

Are you looking for a fashion wig?

How much time are you willing to spend styling?

Do you go to the gym, swim, or exercise often?

We asked The Wig Experts at Wigs.com to give us some pointers about first time wig buying and here’s what they said:

“If you plan to wear your wig for outdoor activities, to the gym or pool, you’ll want to use a synthetic wig as they are not a delicate and can withstand a bit more wear and tear. As these are your less expensive wigs, it’s wise to keep them on hand for extra-curriculars. 

If you plan to wear a wig everyday because of thinning hair or hair loss, we highly recommend human hair, monofilament wigs because they are the most comfortable and end up being well worth the investment. If you’re looking for a fashion wig, you can go with whatever cap construction or hair type you want! You can also start off with a less expensive wig to see what you like/dislike about it and go from there.”

Here are some extra tips they gave us about wigs:

“If you want a more natural looking, get a rooted wig as it emulates natural hair growth. These are super trendy right now and fly off the shelves. It’s easy to see why. You really can’t tell that it’s a wig! 

Always make sure that you read the product descriptions carefully, as you’re likely to spot features you didn’t know existed before. For example, not all synthetic wigs are heat-resistant. So, if you want to be able to style a synthetic wig, make sure it’s heat-friendly! You’ll also find helpful info like which face shapes the wig looks best on, if the cap is designed to be cooling and ventilating, and – very important – if the wig comes in your size.

Before you make your first wig purchase, you’ll want to measure your head and determine your best size with a wig measurement guide..” 

Phew…who knew there was so much involved! But it turns out, this wig thing is a true science. The more we find out, the more amazed we are! And there you have it. Now you can get the long purple tresses you saw on Insta last week without all the bleaching and hours spent in the salon, or that edgy short asymmetrical bob cut you’ve always wanted to try. No cutting required!