Looking for some of the best sushi in NYC?

Check out Sushi Sushi, offering the best sushi in New York City with a non-traditional spin on classic childhood favorites including the PB +J roll, Banana Nutella roll, Pumpkin Mango Tempura roll and Twinkies Tempura. Sushi Sushi is putting a twist on fried Avocado and creating the first Avocado Tempura sushi roll and Hand Roll, drizzled with Vegan Eel Sauce!

Sushi Sushi recentley unveiled an exclusive new Signature Roll, The Kyoto Roll, which contains avocado tempura, cucumbers inside, topped with avocado, jalapenos and vegan eel sauce. Both rolls are in limited quantity and ONLY available from May 1st to May 31st.

Founded by Igor Grinberg, Sushi connoisseur turned restauranteur, Sushi Sushi sources the freshest seafood ingredients available, using hand-selected fish, including premium Yellowfin Tuna, fine Scottish Salmon, Yellowtail, Striped bass, eel, fluke and more. Founded in 2013, Sushi Sushi makes sushi accessible by providing high quality sushi at an affordable price to the masses. Igor says, "I saw a niche for high quality sushi, because people wanted better quality than 50% off sushi and supermarket sushi. All of our signature sauces are handmade at the restaurant and all our fish is hand selected by me at the Fulton Fish Market 2-4 times a week. You can find us in the West Village and in Harlem."

Signature Sauces include:

- Signature Spicy mayo - which has over 15 ingredients in it

- Ume Miso Sauce

- Spicy Mango Sauce

- Honey Wasabi Mayo

- Mango Miso Sauce

- Eel Sauce

Sushi Sushi Locations:

West Village
126 MacDougal Street
Open 10:30AM-10:30PM

1504 Amsterdam Avenue
Open 11AM-11PM