Fashion meets function with    Go Girl Designs Busy Girl Bangles    (Pictured here in silver)

Fashion meets function with Go Girl Designs Busy Girl Bangles (Pictured here in silver)

Hair ties. For most women, they’re a blessing and a curse. Wrapped around your wrist, buried beneath couch cushions, floating around your purse—they pop up everywhere when you don’t need them, but vanish when you do.  After playing around with the idea of a wearable fix that was both practical and attractive, Lindsay Serfass, Co-Founder, brought the idea for Go Girl Designs to her mom, Debbie Perry, in 2014.

Together they decided to tackle Go Girl head on, and began to brainstorm about what piece of jewelry would be best for storing the ties. They wanted to stick with something classic that would also allow you to take the ties on and off. Classic, convenient, and practical, bangles quickly came to mind. Several designs followed, with some supporting thinner hair ties and others geared toward the thicker styles. They eventually found the perfect medium and the Busy Girl Bangle was born. With options in gold, rose gold and silver, it keeps your hair tie off your wrist while looking stylish regardless of where the day takes you. 

Average Socialite loves the Busy Girl Bangle in silver, but it also comes in gold and rose gold! With a beautifully soft finish, silver is the perfect selection to accentuate your impeccable sense of style. A deliciously sleek and sexy fit for any time of year, this bangle will show off your summer tan, or celebrate your winter glee, and that’s because silver is the choice for any season. Dazzling and timeless, the silver bangle will have you stepping out in style all year long. Each bangle also comes with 2 extra hairties!